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Wainfleet Trail

Niagara Pennisula Conservation Authority has performed it usual “sell-out” to Wind Developers: NPCA sells out, again, reported by Welland Tribune and blogged by OWR: Despite concerns from Wainfleet leaders, Niagara Region Wind Corp. has b...
by Wainfleet Wind Action on Jul 30, 2015

Make a Natural Difference with Smucker’s Natural Peanut Butter + Giveaway!!!

  I love to eat peanut butter!  Whether it’s spreading on a burger, baking in a recipe or eating out of the jar, I love the taste of peanut butter!  Now I have to admit that I wasn’t really raised on Natural Peanut Butter.
by The Mommy-Files on Sep 14, 2014

Turn off the Discovery Channel and use mobile apps to discover nature for yourself

Put down the laptop and turn off the TV. Free apps that are worth getting when visiting National Parks...
by friday coming soon on Apr 18, 2014

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