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My Dear Husband & Best Friend, Ed, Loses His Brave Battle with Cancer

EDWIN BRENT JONES1958-2016After an incredibly brave seven-year battle with colorectal cancer, Edwin (Ed) Brent Jones peacefully succumbed November 20, 2016 at the too-young age of 58, holding the hand of his loving husband, Eddie. Throughout the long...
by GuyDads on Dec 4, 2016

Bekal Utsahi too bids adieu: Famous Urdu poet was named 'Utsahi' by first PM Jawaharlal Nehru

Famous Urdu poet Bekal Utsahi is no more.He was undergoing treatment in a Delhi hospital where he passed away on December 3.Bekal Utsahi was 87. He belonged to Balrampur (UP).An ambassador of communal harmony, ganga-jamni culture, Bekal Utsahi used t...
by Indian Muslims' Blog on Dec 3, 2016

Gerald R. Patterson, 1926-2016

Gerald R. Patterson1926-2016 Gerald Roy Patterson, internationally renowned scientist and psychologist, died 22 August 2016 in Eugene, Oregon (US). Born in Lakota, North Dakota (US), on 26 July 1926, Patterson was considered by many to be among the f...
by EBD Blog on Aug 31, 2016

Special Blog Post - The Great Papa Spyk Has Passed

I'm very sad to say that we lost "Papa" Spyk this week.NOTE on Saturday, August 20, 2016 11AM PDT: I am moving out of my house this weekend and have no new blogs staged for this week and won't have time to write any. I sold my house and we're packing...
by Murdockinations on Aug 19, 2016

Abbas Kiarostami: The Death of a Cinematic Poet

A Potpourri of Vestiges FeatureThe world of cinema has suffered an irreparable loss. Abbas Kiarostami is no more. The 76-year-old filmmaking legend was suffering from gastrointestinal cancer. His death marks the end of a great era in world cinema. A...
by A Potpourri of Vestiges on Jul 5, 2016

The one the only Muhammad Ali

The post The one the only Muhammad Ali appeared on Socialist Unity.
by Socialist Unity on Jun 4, 2016

Muhammad Ali – the man who shook up the world

If anything the passing of Muhammad Ali bestows even more greatness on the man, knowing that despite all he achieved, everything he went through both in and out the ring, he was mortal just like the rest of us. The mere mention of his name and the wo...
by Socialist Unity on Jun 4, 2016

Rest in Peace Prince

   The post Rest in Peace Prince appeared first on Step Into the Nexus.
by Step Into the Nexus on Apr 21, 2016

R.I.P. Johan Cruyff, more than just…

...a turn. The Dutch great Johan Cruyff has died, aged 68, will probably be most remembered for that one moment in one game but he was much more than that but then how many players have a move named after them? Read the rest of this crap at Toxic Web...
by Toxic Web on Mar 25, 2016

Depression, suicide, choice, and our kids

In a wrenching obituary and follow-up articles, Eleni Pinnow courageously recounts her sister’s suicide following bouts of depression. Ms. Pinnow wrote, “Aletha Meyer Pinnow, 31, of Duluth (formerly of Oswego and Chicago, IL) died from de...
by EBD Blog on Mar 23, 2016

Rest in Peace Vanity

   Denise Katrina Matthews, formerly known as Vanity passed away on February 15, 2016 at the age of 57.   The post Rest in Peace Vanity appeared first on Step Into the Nexus.
by Step Into the Nexus on Feb 16, 2016

Algeria: Independence Opposition Leader Hocine Aït Ahmed buried

Thousands of Algerians made their way to a tiny hill-top village today to pay their final respects to a man who played a crucial role in their nation’s road to[...] The post Algeria: Independence... This is a content summary only. Visit www.cp-af...

Legendary Cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond Has Died At 85

Vilmos Zsigmond, the legendary cinematographer who brought an unmistakable gift for gorgeous imagery to some of the greatest motion pictures ever made, died on January 1, 2016, according to Variety. He was 85 years old. Born in Hungary in 1930, Zsig...
by Geeks of Doom on Jan 3, 2016

Woman Pilot of Pakistan Air Force Perishes in Air Crash

It was a sad day today indeed for all Pakistanis as a brave and daring daughter of the soil perished in an air crash in a routine training mission near kacha area, Gurjat close to Mianwali, Tuesday 24 November today.Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Flying Of...
by Jaho Jalal on Nov 25, 2015

It’s Hard to Say Goodbye

I don’t think we are ever prepared for the death of a loved one. It is a loss so profound, it cuts a hole in our center, our core and our heart. It leaves us unbalanced, wounded and bleeding. We mourn the ones who die before us and struggle to imag...
by Susie Lindau's Wild Ride on Oct 21, 2015

Massive Metal Monday: Obituary “Cause of Death”

This week we lost a giant of the metal community. Bassist Frank Watkins was, for 20 years, a member of Tampa, Florida death metal pioneers Obituary. He had split from the band on bad terms in 2010, and more recently was a member of another groundbrea...
by Geeks of Doom on Oct 19, 2015

Boatman's son who became President of India: Technocrat-turn-leader APJ Abdul Kalam who inspired millions is no more

Former president of India APJ Abdul Kalam, an iconic figure in India, and a technocrat-turn-leader who inspired millions of people, especially, the children, passed away in Shillong on July 27.Kalam was 83. He was recipient of India's highest honour,...
by Indian Muslims' Blog on Jul 27, 2015

Patrick Macnee - The John Steed of The Avengers dies at 93

Macnee with Diana Rigg - the main stars of The AvengersThose who watched TV in the 60s would remember Patrick Macnee - the main character of the TV serial The Avengers. Well if you remember him, he is no more as he dies at 93.Patrick Macnee starred i...
by Hobby Shobbys on Jun 25, 2015

Saturday Giggle – The Widow

bethere2day - After her husband passed away, a widow 'phoned her local newspaper to place an announcement in the obituaries section Saturday Giggle – The Widow...

Before Oprah There Was The Hour of Power: RIP Robert H. Schuller

"A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral,” the French poet Antoine de Saint-Exupery, wrote. When the Rev. Robert H. Schuller saw the concession stand of a souther...
by The Dude Abides on Apr 2, 2015

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