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A Little Moroccan Flair With A Kilim Floor Pillow

Add a little Moroccan flair to your home with a kilim floor pillow. Beautiful bold colors and intricate tribal patterns. These cushions are handmade from vintage flatweave carpets from the Middle Atlas region and each one is a unique piece. For...
by Beyond Marrakech on Nov 8, 2015

Istanbul, Turkey

We had to bust out of Alex from the impeding EID holiday...we saw all the animals shuffled into makeshift pens on the streets surrounding our school. The future looked bleak for sheep, cows, goats and camels. Istanbul was our short escape route to wh...
by Camels and Tacos on Nov 3, 2015

Instant Elegance!

Yes well, officially these are curtain ties but they also look amazing as hanging decoration at the ends of a curtain pole, a mirror, a headboard, a wardrobe knob etc. These beautiful handmade objects of desire give an instant touch of drama and eleg...
by Beyond Marrakech on May 1, 2013

A Moroccan Basket

A shopping basket, a beach basket or a picnic basket. It is impossible not to notice these beautiful Moroccan baskets with embroidery in the souk of Marrakech. They will catch your eye one way or the other!  Handcrafted by women in the s...
by Beyond Marrakech on Mar 1, 2012

Stylish 2012 Donkervoort D8 GTO

  Joop Donkervoort revealed a few photos and specs about his newest creation Donkervoort D8 GTO and has sold “about half” of the 25 special-edition models. New owners will have to pay around $130,000-$195,000 before taxes, depending...
by Ecstasya on Dec 26, 2011

A Custom-Made Little Flake Wagon

This custom-made red flake wagon was made by Smith from Smith Concepts for the first birthday of Jake, the son of his friend Paul McKinnon from Evolution Custom Industries.   via
by Ecstasya on Dec 20, 2011

You’re Now Free to Steal Banksy’s Art From Art Series Hotels

Yes, now you have the right to steal art. It’s up and ready for the taking. Imagine this situation: you’re longing for someone’s art masterpiece, but you can’t afford it. Or you just wanna steal art. Would you steal it if you...
by Ecstasya on Dec 18, 2011

The Globe Bantam Cruiseboards

The Globe Bantam Cruiseboards...
by Ecstasya on Dec 12, 2011

Flyboard – Diving Water Jetpack for Dolphin-like Dives

Water skiing champion Franky Zapata developed this amazing jetpack that permits pilots to perform amazing stunts, including complete loops and quick jumps in and out of the water.
by Ecstasya on Dec 10, 2011

VIP Styled Lexus IS300

Misha Frolov filmed the following video, admiring the VIP Styled Lexus IS300, property of Aidan Borges from the Liberty VIP Car Club. Enjoy the slow drive with the stylish super car!  ...
by Ecstasya on Nov 24, 2011

Masters of Handmade: Knives and Swords

Joel Bukiewicz of Cut Brooklyn and Korehira Watanabe from Japan are two true masters of Handmade- each trying to take their art to perfection. Knives and Swords...
by Ecstasya on Nov 21, 2011

Mnono: Custom Bikes Of Poland

Collection of custom bikes from all over the country, presenting the countryside beauties and some gorgeous riders...
by Ecstasya on Nov 17, 2011

Object Of Desire: Vintage Moroccan Tea Pots

Aren't they just adorable these vintage Moroccan tea pots!
by Beyond Marrakech on Oct 1, 2011

Sunday morning blogging.................with Daisy

Up on the table yes, the outdoor one with the white tablecloth looking for trouble in all the wrong places.todays Objects of Desire hereHipsmatic photo by Sande Chase...
by A Gift Wrapped Life on Aug 14, 2011

Natacha Langerman Color Diamonds for Mother’s Day

ShareThis Email PDF Print “Diamonds are forever” New York, NY (PRWEB) Apr 21, 2011 Diamonds have had a stately story that dates all a approach behind to ancient India, where they were detected around 5,000 years ago. Over a centuries, ...

Things To Do (Feb. 17-23)

Things To Do (Feb. 17-23) The following are southern New Mexico events, activities and other happenings in the week ahead. Listings are free of charge. Read more on Las Cruces Sun-News Martin County Community Calendar, Updated Feb. 16 Martin County C...
by Working and Sports on Feb 19, 2011

Optimizing Your Web Links!

Today, if you are looking for a great SEO expert India service provider, it just takes minutes to search one on the web. With its flourishing search engine optimization capabilities it has turned into the right place to be zeroed in. (...)...

Games of Desire as Mind Games: Signs of Stress in Bright Eyes

Games of desire are signs of stress that our mind games turn our bright eyes dull with. Games people play in their minds and the games they play in their actions are not only petty but unhealthy also. The pettiness instantaneously gets imprinted on...
by Bright Eyes on Apr 14, 2009

Object of Desire

My heart quickened.My pulse raced.My lips went dry and a persistent drum beat began to pound in my head.Our eyes met across a crowded room. I knew we were meant to be together. It was fate.Shame my bank account doesn't feel the same way.
by Daisychain summer on Jan 31, 2009

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