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Late Summer and Sean

John gets in one on Ro during their sparring session at Loyola Park in this photo.Unfortunately, I have to begin with some sad news.  Sean Curtin passed on several days ago.  He was the author of two books about Chicago boxing -- Chicago Bo...
by Boxing Mid-Life on Aug 20, 2016

Blood On My Work Shirt

Yesterday was the boxing show at Ogden Park.  Initially, I was concerned about having my fighters come there because it is far from LaFollette Park.  Kenny, the coach at Ogden, wanted a rematch of one of his girls with Ashley.  Yet Ash...
by Boxing Mid-Life on Aug 21, 2015

Locked Doors and Missed Sparring

I was tired Monday night, but I went up to Loyola Park anyway.  Usually that is the only time of the week where I actually get some real exercise in.  I begged off sparring with Kelly, however.  My knees took a pounding from walking ex...
by Boxing Mid-Life on Aug 12, 2015

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