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Op-Ed Contributor: A Military Brat on Okinawa

Growing up, I didn’t appreciate the cost of America’s occupation. Now I do.
by Eastasianews on May 21, 2014

Okinawa Prefectural Peace Memorial Museum

Landing site of the U.S. Marines You should honor all of those who died, both American and Japanese!  Those words I remember my Jukujo saying.   I came to Okinawa with the intent to recognize Okinawans as the sole victim of the war.  I read the...
by thesoulofjapan on May 19, 2014

May 2014 Full Moon and Clouds in Motion GIFs

This was what the moon looked like on the 14th of May.Fast moving clouds over Okinawa, were a blessing and a curse.The moon was only visible for a few seconds at a time.But, I'm glad, I went out to shoot early.The next night, black clouds kept the mo...
by Mike's Ryukyu Gallery on May 16, 2014

Yes RyukyuMike Wears Leather Shoes to Weddings

 Photographic Evidence Attached Below  The only thing, I stole was this place-card, because my name was on it.A brand new pair of yellow flip-flops were waiting for me in the car.A well known fact: After a few hours in shoes, my feet w...
by Mike's Ryukyu Gallery on May 15, 2014

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: The Battle of the Okinawans

The tenacity of opponents to U.S. bases is a lesson for the Japanese government.
by Eastasianews on May 14, 2014

Peku Cave on Tsuken Island Okinawa: What's So Special ?

There Must be Thousands of Caves on the Ryukyu Islands  Much of Okinawa's written history was destroyed during the war.At times legends, passed along by locals, are the only source for gaining relevant information.The significance of Peku G...
by Mike's Ryukyu Gallery on May 13, 2014

Butterflies in Flight from Tsuken Jima Okinawa

 One of the Benefits of Digital Photography  When rainy season starts giving me cabin fever, I go through old photo files.With thousands of travel photos stored on external drives, I can always find something.These butterfly photos gav...
by Mike's Ryukyu Gallery on May 11, 2014

Flower Photo: Deigo Okinawa's Prefectural Symbol

Starting to Bloom Now in Okinawa  These bright red flowers have a history of avoiding my camera lens.So far, I have never been able to catch them in full bloom.It seems like every time I spot one flowering it's too early or, too late in the...
by Mike's Ryukyu Gallery on May 10, 2014

Travel Photo: This Waterfall Was Just a Trickle Last Week

Located in Ginama, Kunigami, Okinawa, it wasn't much to see.Some waterfalls, are so well concealed, you hear them before, seeing where they are located.Rainy season has started and, that gives me an idea.We need to go back up north and, see what this...
by Mike's Ryukyu Gallery on May 6, 2014

Okinawa: Travel homeland of Karate-do

In the south there is a small Japanese island archipelago unique, distinct not only by its geographical position, but apes in particular the culture and civilization flourished here. It Okinawa Island, a tourist destination known especially in circl...
by We Know Travel on Apr 28, 2014

Wildlife Photo: Glossy Ibis in Kin Town, Okinawa, Japan

Good Fortune Helped Capture These Bird Photos Today  Yesterday, I got a message, telling me they were here.Searching "Ibis" gave me some visual clue, as to what I'd be looking for.The first Ibis photo that popped-up, sent me on my way with...
by Mike's Ryukyu Gallery on Apr 23, 2014

Travel Photo: Shioya Bridge in Ogimi Okinawa

Could There Be Ghosts Living Nearby ?  Ever since, researching for this photo, I ain't sure I'll be camping under this bridge, again.It used to be one of my favorite hangouts, on hot summer evenings.But a friend of mine, named Okinawa Soba,...
by Mike's Ryukyu Gallery on Apr 22, 2014

Travel Photo: A View of Hedo Village Office from Atop Mt. Nishime ( 西銘岳)

Last Friday morning we trekked/climbed Nishimedake.A few dozen photo files are awaiting development and, more will  be posted, later.The orange roof on this building is a real eye-catcher.The light, in the sky didn't suit me so, I zoomed-in and...
by Mike's Ryukyu Gallery on Apr 21, 2014

These People Aren't Afraid to Get Their Hands Dirty

Here's a Cool Project  En-route to the northern hills of Okinawa, we stopped and visited this place.It will take some more research to get all the details.But, I had fun just, watching and shooting photos.The engineer, in me, loves this sor...
by Mike's Ryukyu Gallery on Apr 19, 2014

Endangered Species Photo: Japanese Night Heron

This red-colored bird was spotted on a road in the north of Okinawa.First guess: It might be a Cinnamon Bittern.But, after looking at several sites, a decision was made  to get some help with the ID.Hat's off, to the experts at the Bird Forum.Th...
by Mike's Ryukyu Gallery on Apr 18, 2014

A Pair of Common Yellow Grass Butterflies (Photos)

They Really Do Fly United  We spotted them flying in the northern area of Okinawa.There's supposedly, a place up there, where you can see whales jumping in the ocean.Shooting a camera from land, is lots easier, than from a whale-watching bo...
by Mike's Ryukyu Gallery on Apr 16, 2014

Today Looks Like a Nice Day to Party at a Graveyard !

Okinawa's Ritual Honoring Ancestors  It's called Ushiimii in the local dialect.According to my Okinawan dictionary, the observance is conducted by the lunar calendar.The family visits the ancestral tomb for an annual gathering.It takes plac...
by Mike's Ryukyu Gallery on Apr 12, 2014

Just Call This Striated Heron the Bird of the Week

It Made Some Awkward Poses  The Little Heron was comical at times but, it was an interesting bird to watch.Hopefully, when they finish building the Kin Dam, we'll see more of them.These birds, are nowhere near, as large as a Grey Heron.But,...
by Mike's Ryukyu Gallery on Apr 12, 2014

Okinawa's Iris Fields Are in Full Bloom Right Now !

Some Photos and a Few Tricks  The other day, I saw it on the morning news.Big, bright green stems with purple, yellow and white flowers, dancing in the wind.But, I'm a warm weather type of person so, I waited for today. It's nice to ha...
by Mike's Ryukyu Gallery on Apr 11, 2014

Naomasa Takazato and These Birds Made My Day (Photo Essay)

Along the Okukubi River in Kin Town  Late this morning, I decided to take a hike with a camera and tripod.It's been quite awhile since the mangrove forest got my attention.The river, stretches from the ocean, up under the Kin Bridge, to the...
by Mike's Ryukyu Gallery on Apr 10, 2014

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