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Buy Opal Stone Online India at Best Price

Its name comes from the old Hindi and means ‘piedra’. In ancient India had the opal is a stone of... The post Buy Opal Stone Online India at Best Price appeared first on Pukhraj Stone.
by Pukhraj Stone on Sep 18, 2014

new An Introduction to Opal Stone Fine Jewelry 2012-2013

Photo Courtesy of Opal StoneIf you’re seeking exquisite jewelry that’s anything but ordinary, take a peek at the breathtaking designs by Opal Stone Fine Jewelry. Born in Jamaica with design training in New York, Stone has unearthed a ra...

Opal Stone- The Queen of Gems

Opal stone, naturally found in gleaming form, has many colors of it. Prominently, it is found in mixed colors. The term of opal is believed to have derived out of the Sanskrit word of ‘upala’ and the Latin word of ‘opalus’, the which in its l...
by on Dec 30, 2011

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