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Doodle Dojo Etsy Shop

Doctor Who Villains. Available in the Doodle Dojo Etsy Store. I've been doing a lot of actual proper sketches lately (on paper and everything!). So rather than cluttering up my house, which already contains lots of my drawings, I thought I would off...
by Dead Doodles on May 4, 2013

Pretty Online Art at Saatchi Online

Looking for some pretty art ? The website at Saatchi Online offers amazing original artwork, digital photography and art prints in many different styles. You can buy paintings that suit your personal... Read More....
by Free Pretty Things For You! on Apr 28, 2013

lavender fields - centura / brau mireasa sau domnisoara de onoare

 Stil: romantic style, fashion statementTehnica: textile collage art, bead embroideryMateriale: Baza de bumbac gros 100% dublata pe fata cu vascoza de matase gofrata si dantela vintage pe dos, cordon din aceeasi vascoza de matase vintage, cu bro...
by haryo design on Mar 28, 2013

Sakura Publishing Etsy Brittany Wyatt Prints TShirts Jewelry Paintings and More

Sakura Publishing offers this necklace from Brittany Wyatt (author of Memento Mori) Perhaps you've heard of Sakura Publishing, an independent book publisher in Hermitage, PA. They have a nice list of poets and authors. Memento Mori Inspired Postc...
by Ira Mency Artist Blog on Mar 25, 2013

Painting today....

Grace Garden (In Progress)36 x 36This painting is still a work in progress. I'm working on creating shapes and patterns that reflect a fun and whimsical abstract feel.
by Karen Fields on Feb 18, 2013

Day #247 Orn and Clementine (color)

Hi guys! So I finally got things working normally with my website, i’m very happy about that. I meant to post this up a couple of days ago (this is the colored version of the sketch I posted to the blog a few days ago) but I got a little busy w...
by I 365 Art on Jan 31, 2013

Starting a new bird and flowers painting

Today I started a new painting and I'm blocking in my colors and shapes. This painting is 30x20x1.5" and on stretched canvas. It'll be complete in a couple days! Thank you for browsing my blog.
by Karen Fields on Nov 20, 2012

Whimsical Flowering Tree Painting by Karen Fields

IMAGINATION TREE40 x 30 x 1.5"Original painting by Karen Fields...
by Karen Fields on Nov 17, 2012

Moodboard: Inspired by Blue. Ispirazioni Blu

Hello dear friends, I hope that you have had a great weekend. We've had a busy one, but I am really grateful because I have painted a lot. You will find below some of our new paintings. In blue. My Monday mood board is inspired by Monaco Blue, o...
by DueAlberi on Nov 12, 2012

How to paint abstract art cityscape modern original painting techniques Petes Original Art -  Peter DranitsinIn this abstract art video lesson I will paint a cityscape using modern ideas and techniques. Yes, I do use small bubble wrap in this painting to create a light reflected of the stones :)I appreci...
by Basic Painting Tips on Nov 5, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Kristy Gammill

Kristy Gammill’s abstract artwork is saturated in vibrant color, rich in texture and just makes you smile. The¬†Oklahoma-based mom is for the most part a self-taught artist. Gammill’s style seems to range from abstraction to impressionism...
by Simplified Bee on Oct 10, 2012

Chevron Art

I love the clean lines of the chevron design and wanted to include a piece at home.  Here is how I made my Chevron canvas. Step 1A plain canvas with a coat of white acrylic paint. Step 2  Divide the canvas into even sections - I divided t...
by Decor Interior Style on Jul 1, 2012

Be the change....sketch

New sketch today. More to come! :)...
by Karen Fields on May 18, 2012

Amaryllis In Black and Red

Red Amaryllis 1 ¬© A.F.DuealberiWe've started listing some of our latest Amaryllis watercolors in Duealberi shop. This series is created in black, red and purple, and is inspired by the Eastern Ink Wash painting. We actually used watercolor and...
by DueAlberi on May 3, 2012

Featured Artist: Yangyang Pan and Her Lyric Abstracts

We are happy today to have on our blog an interview with the talented Chinese artist Yangyang Pan who lives and works in Canada. Enjoy her joyful and colorful abstracts.Please tell us about yourself. How you decided to move to Canada? ...
by DueAlberi on Jan 31, 2012

Art on Sale!

Art on sale!
by Touch of Marla on Sep 11, 2011

Learning from others

My point here is that one does not have to be working in the same media as a presenter to learn from them.
by Touch of Marla on Nov 18, 2010

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