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Three Favorite Evergreen Ornamental Shrubs

Some shrubs stand out above others in landscaping. Ones with evergreen foliage and attractive flowers are always a good choice, but do you know which ones will do well with your climate and conditions? If you are looking for evergreen shrubs that are...
by Through Nana's Garden Gate on Aug 8, 2013

Ten Vivid Pink Garden Plants

Pink is the most popular color in the flowerbed. In all its gradations and tones, it runs the gamut from baby pastel and amethyst to a very deep pink that almost borders on cold red. This family of colors seems to touch the hearts and minds of garden...
by allanbecker.gardenguru on May 17, 2013

Plants for Atlantic Gardens, a book review for

Plants for Atlantic Gardens, Jodi DeLong, Nimbus Publishing,                    ISBN: 978-1-55109-798-5 The setting for this gardening book is one of the...
by allanbecker.gardenguru on Feb 19, 2011

Great Gardens in Small Places: Book Review for

Great Gardens in Small Spaces by Melba Levick and Karen Dardick, Rizzoli International Publications, ISBN:0-8478-2538-8 Finally, we have a publication about small gardens that focuses on flowers, colors, and texture. Most of the other literature for...
by allanbecker.gardenguru on Dec 8, 2010

Book Review for

The Ultimate Flower Gardener’s Top Ten Lists by Kerry Ann Mendez, Lone Oak Press, ISBN 978-1-935534-334 The exponential growth of flower gardening that has taken place during the last 20 years has brought a rather impatient and time constrained...
by allanbecker.gardenguru on Nov 14, 2010

Beautiful Surprises

This is next to the Apple tree where many birds love to perch. I'm not sure what kind of tree but I admire the tender pink flowers.  I moved here to the mountains in the winter. Flowering trees around the property were covered in...
by Blossom Hideaway on Jul 6, 2010

Coral Berry Can Be Confusing

While driving past a newly built apartment building, I was intrigued to see that its small front lawn had been landscaped with shrubs covered in pink berries. This occurrence took place in late summer, when most pink flowers have long begun their dor...
by allanbecker.gardenguru on Mar 2, 2010

Fire in the Snow: Dogwood Shrubs That Illuminate.

Every morning as I drive out of my neighborhood, I pass by a home so modest that it is barely noticed. However, in autumn and in winter, this house stands out among all of the others and no one can escape looking at it. In fall, all of its foundation...
by allanbecker.gardenguru on Jan 25, 2010

Beware of Burning Bushes

Euonymus alatus Compactus, aka Burning Bush, is a very important plant in my life because it brings my wife into the garden. She is not into horticulture. Her contact with the garden is restricted to commenting, from a distance, when she sees a plant...
by allanbecker.gardenguru on Jan 10, 2010

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