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Patti Smith's Polaroid Exhibit

The Robert Miller Gallery in Chelsea is having a show of Patti Smith's Polaroids.  Some I liked very much.  There were a lot of beds.  And table and chair shots.  She also does this thing where she writes on the photo and/or the m...
by sMacThoughts on Mar 22, 2016

The Blues

Not the sad kind.  Just some instances of this wonderful color in my life....Some street art.....A hot summer night rooftop cocktail...An old building in lower Manhattan shot with a plastic Diana camera...Other people's art I've collected....New...
by sMacThoughts on Jul 7, 2015

Castle graffiti

Only now found out about the Brazilian graffiti on Kelburn castle in Scotland. Completed in 2007 and scheduled for removal in 2010 but it is still there. Fantastico! Unsurprisingly it has drawn a fair bit of criticism. You can read an old article ab...
by krazybov comics on Aug 30, 2011

Copycat Suing Original Artist

... yes, that's right, and guess what for?  For the rights to mass produce and sell the items he copies, basically.  Mr. Rick Wittrig, owner of has been selling pretty much exact copies of the beautiful firepit sculptures cre...
by sMacThoughts on Nov 1, 2009

As The World Flickrs: Snailbooty!!

There is no other doll photographer out there which can send my nerve endings into a delighted tizzy like a person who goes by the moniker 'snailbooty' on Flickr. Scenes from elaborate to simple are the settings for Snailbooty's fantabulous collect...
by sMacThoughts on Sep 27, 2009

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