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How PR Affects SEO

In the old days of SEO, the impact of PR on page rankings was rather straightforward: It was all about building links. A good PR strategy centered around the goal of enticing just about anyone on the web to link to the company’s site and/or pre...
by SiteProNews on Jul 12, 2013

Anchored Text VS Co-Citation

Anchored text versus professional write up or blog entries. Anchor text is being devalued by Google every day and it’s penguin updates are not helping with people that don’t change the anchor text links titles. Like people having anchor...
by SEO & Social Media Marketing on Mar 6, 2013

Semakin Susah Mencapai PR Tinggi

Semakin Susah Mencapai PR Tinggi. Google pada tanggal 4 Pebr 2013 lalu telah meng update PR blog, tentu sobat Blogger sudah tau dan sudah mengetahui hasil update PR blog nya. Saya termasuk kecewa dengan update PR kali ini. Karena Blog ini PR nya turu...
by Muliardy Banun Online on Feb 11, 2013

Wadow … PR Blog Ini Turun Lagi Jadi PR 1

Wadow … PR Blog Ini Turun Lagi Jadi PR 1. Google baru saja update PR tepatnya pada tanggal 4 Pebruari 2013, dan ternyata PR Blog ini malah jeblog turun ke PR 1. Saya berharap PR Blog ini naik ke PR 3 … eh malah jeblog ke PR 1. Sebelumnya...
by Muliardy Banun Online on Feb 11, 2013

Mendapat Page Rank Dalam Waktu 3 Bulan

Akhirnya yang ditunggu-tunggu untuk mendapatkan PR (PageRank) dari mbah Google tercapai dalam waktu 3 bulan, banyak kiat dan strategi untuk mendapatkan PR. Domain pengganti yaitu mendapat PR 2 dari mbah Google. Banyak cara ya...
by Technology Information on Feb 7, 2013

Google Page Rank Update Schedule for 2013

What is a Page Rank? PageRank is a link analysis algorithm, named after Larry Page[1] and used by the Google web search engine, that assigns a numerical weighting to each element of a hyperlinked set of documents, such as the World Wide Web, with the...
by Chimiyuki's Paradise on Jan 29, 2013

Importance of Page Rank (PR) for Your Website!

Page Rank refers to dividing the content of website and then giving weightage to each part according to their importance, in a sense which will attract people to visit the website. The phrases or keywords or each part of the website are optimized wit...
by Stunningmesh on Apr 13, 2012

Does URL structure affect Page Rank (PR)

As you know, in hosted blog the URL structure appear in the form 'DomainURL/year/month/day/PostName.html' but in hosted blog it is in 'DomainURL/PostName' form. A question may arise in many of you (like me) why is this, is...
by make money online on Apr 19, 2010

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