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Through Pain Comes New Life

Losing loved ones is never easy. It's especially hard when the loss is an ending of one kind of relationship like romantic or friendship because we know that person is still around and we don't get to have interaction with them. You see, most of us g...
by The Rising of a Queen on Mar 30, 2015


  I'm not sure of a lot of things in life. As we travel an go our ways, life's many hurdles things that we need to get over get in our way. Wounds that sometimes need more TLC to get better, to heal.  some wounds are too deep, cut down to t...
by Journey Into a New Roll on Aug 27, 2013

Late at Night When my Mind Won't Stop

Sometimes I find myself up late, thinking about things, such as the paths that I'm on, and the paths that I have taken; and even ask myself if some of the mistakes that I have made have I really learned from them at all; or will I just walk back into...
by Journey Into a New Roll on May 10, 2012

Crushing Dreams

We all have a journey in life, somewhere that we are supposed to be, something that we were meant to do. Some of us figure it out early, some never quiet get it, and others are just plagued with what can be called bad luck. As we make our ways in and...
by Journey Into a New Roll on Mar 13, 2012

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