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Mid Century Modern Design in a Nashville Condo

I got an email a few months back from a client about decorating her new getaway condo in downtown Nashville. Nashville is booming and high-end, high-rise condo living is all the rage in the downtown area. Like my client, many people are purchasing th...
by The Decorologist on Aug 20, 2015

A Visual Guide to Describing & Selecting Paint Colors

Hello there! Dawn here, from and I’m back again this month, but this time I’m switching things up slightly from my usual mood board contribution. (You can see all my past monthly posts by clicking here.) Instead, I thoug...
by Remodelaholic on Aug 19, 2015

Benjamin Moore 2015 Paint Color of the Year: Guilford Green

  Hi there Remodelaholics! It’s Cyndy from The Creativity Exchange back with my monthly paint color post. If you happened to miss my post last month, I did a Color Spotlight and highlighted a beautiful transitional color called Healing Alo...
by Remodelaholic on Aug 15, 2015

The Decorologist Scores a Touchdown for Team Color

I’ve been spending a good deal of my summer on something in particular – creating exterior color palettes for LP Smart Side. LP, or Louisiana Pacific, is a global leader in creating innovative products for the home building industry. LP S...
by The Decorologist on Aug 14, 2015

2016 Paint Color Forecasts and Trend Reports {Favorite’s}

    A few years ago, I started a tradition on the blog by sharing my favorite colors that I pulled from various paint companies annual color forecasts/trend reports for the coming year. To go back and look past year’s favorite’...
by The Creativity Exchange on Aug 14, 2015

Decorating With Black: 13 Ways To Use Dark Colors In Your Home

  #1: Black Painted Trim When it comes to baseboards and crown molding, many people love pure white, some love a different neutral, and some get more colorful — but black has the effect of being different but yet still classic. Just look a...
by Remodelaholic on Jul 28, 2015

Orange is the New Red

When working with my clients, pretty early on I ask the question: are you a red kinda girl, an orange/coral kinda girl, or a pink kinda girl? Many women have a strong attraction to one of those three, to the exclusion of the others.  If you are not...
by The Decorologist on Jul 21, 2015

Color Spotlight: Healing Aloe from Benjamin Moore

  Hi Remodelaholics, it’s Cyndy from The Creativity Exchange, back with another monthly paint color post.  If you happened to miss my last month’s post on Remodelaholic, I shared my 5 favorite tricks for choosing paint colors here.
by Remodelaholic on Jul 18, 2015

Exterior Paint Colors in Frank Lloyd Wright’s Oak Park

I went on a little vacation last week with Mr. Man and the kids! We picked the most important things we each wanted to do while there, and mine was to visit architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and studio and tour the surrounding architectural m...
by The Decorologist on Jul 16, 2015

2015 Best Selling and Most Popular Paint Colors {Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore}

  Beach Style Dining Room by Atlanta Interior Designers & Decorators Beth Webb Interiors Alabaster Sherwin Williams   Beach Style Living Room by Wilmington Interior Designers & Decorators Amy Tyndall Design Sea Salt Sherwin Williams...
by The Creativity Exchange on Jul 2, 2015

My Paint Saint for touch up painting

Hi everyone! I wanted to  share this product with you for two reasons: One,because I think it is one you will love, and two, it’s  a Kickstarter campaign and I love the idea of helping someone get started. I received 3 containers of My Paint...
by Jennifer Rizzo on Jul 1, 2015

My kitchen renovation as my #loveitmoment

Even though we finished our kitchen renovation a few years ago, it is always a work in progress. Recently we went for a paint change to update the space. I had been back and forth between colors. I think sometimes even though paint is cheap, it’...
by Jennifer Rizzo on Jun 29, 2015

Easy Paint Swatch Wall Art

Over the years, it maybe a little too easy to collect a menagerie of paint samples leftover from home renovations and DIY projects passed. Instead of tossing that file folder of colorful goodness, why not put those swatches to work as graphic art? C...
by Home decoration on Jun 19, 2015

5 Tricks for Choosing the Perfect Paint Color

To finish out our series of tips for choosing and testing paint colors, we have Cyndy to share all her expertise and real-life tips and tricks for choosing the perfect paint color for your home. Don’t forget to look at all of Cyndy’s pain...
by Remodelaholic on Jun 12, 2015

Apps to Match and Find Paint Color Palettes from a Photo

We’re back with the next installment of, er, what do we call it, fancy technology ways to find paint colors? We talked about web-based programs to help you try paint colors on your own room photos, and then mobile apps that let you virtually p...
by Remodelaholic on Jun 6, 2015

Bedroom Colour Schemes beautiful bedroom design ideas 2015

Bedroom Colour Schemes beautiful bedroom design ideas 2015   A fresh new look for a bedroom color scheme is using gray, white and yellow.  Try a fresh coat of gray on your walls and hang ***** grey tafetta curtains.  A white tufted bed with white...
by Decorating ideas on May 28, 2015

Free DIY Mobile Apps to Test Paint Colors Using Your Room Photos

Happy Memorial Day! What a wonderful holiday weekend, remembering those who have sacrificed for our American freedoms and starting the summer off right. And if one of your summer projects involves a new coat of paint for your walls — we can hel...
by Remodelaholic on May 25, 2015

Children Bedroom Colors that You Can Use as Your Children Bedroom Color

Children Bedroom Colors that You Can Use as Your Children Bedroom Color Children usually love the color with light tones. Thus, many children’s bedrooms are designed using a combination of bright colors that bring a bright cheerful atmosphere.
by 4 Home Interior on May 22, 2015

Setting Your Own Mood with Smart Choice of Home Interior Color

Color has its own character and play an important role in establishing the mood. For that, you have to be wise in determining the choice of interior color. Each color has its own meaning. Not infrequently, many people consult a Feng Shui expert befor...
by 4 Home Interior on May 22, 2015

Decorating a Contemporary Interior with Accessories

Decorating a Contemporary Interior with Accessories Choosing accessories that are functional at the same time containing aesthetic value to turn on the interior and decor of the room. It has been many years in her life the same atmosphere of the inte...
by 4 Home Interior on May 18, 2015

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