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Here is my short video collectionof Tanjore Paintingsof Goddess Lakshmi-The goddess of wealth....Do click on the image to watch the videoDo subscribe to the channel to view more...yes...
by USHA SRIKUMAR'S MUSINGS... on Dec 18, 2016

Eclipse Art: Awesome!

This Eclipse painting is self-explanitorily titled “Awesome!” The sun and moon during this moment of total solar eclipse are larger than life. I painted the details of the moon’s cratered surface with sharp contrast. Two young child...

Featured Artist Joan Gallagher

I used to paint just flowers, but living at the Jersey Shore gave me the ocean and boardwalk, and that has been a constant source of inspiration for me.
by Artsy Shark on Dec 14, 2016

*Monday Memos*

*MONDAY MEMOS*      (If pictures are too small, just click to enlarge) Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!dear boston training, I have decided that instead of writing "dear running", I am goi...
by Beacon of Hope on Dec 12, 2016

Featured Artist Christine O’Brien

My sketches capture the essence and ideas for paintings, and I also make notations on how I might depict the feeling of an ocean breeze, the calming sound of the waves and the carefree life of figures relaxing or frolicking in the sand.
by Artsy Shark on Dec 12, 2016

Painted Thrift Store Ski Makeover

I’m really excited to finally share this project with you guys!  I bought these skis way back in MARCH and they have been sitting in my garage the entire year, just waiting to be beautified!I gave a little sneak peak on Instagram, but now it is fi...
by The Kim Six Fix on Dec 11, 2016

Sunday Evening Art Gallery Blog — Marina Printseva

Talented and unique artist Marina Printseva was born in 1949 in the city of Pskov, Russia. She is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia, and a member of the International design and… More...
by Humoring The Goddess on Dec 11, 2016

Featured Artist Paige Hirsch

I get into the moment and let my intuition lead the way. I love painting abstracts, mixed-media pieces because the outcome is endless. I am not required to follow any rules or to make something representational.
by Artsy Shark on Dec 9, 2016

Backgrounds and Perspective with David Finch

Watch and learn, in this 90 minute, real time video, with aclaimed comic artist David Finch as he shows you his techniques for drawing backgrounds and perspect The post Backgrounds and Perspective with David Finch appeared first on Learning for Life.
by Tutorials For Download on Dec 8, 2016

More Details!!

Another from the same 'Royals' series.  The hustle and bustle of the season is slowing down personal art time, but here's some of the latest ....
by sMacThoughts on Dec 7, 2016

Make these easy DIY baseball and basketball ornaments

Hi guys! It’s Meg from GreenWith Decor. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Now we can safely decorate for Christmas! I’ve started some Christmas shopping and small projects here and there, but we haven’t gone into full-on decorating mode y...
by The Kim Six Fix on Nov 25, 2016

Cabinet Door Stenciled Sign

A night on the town might mean a fancy dinner or dancing for some, but for us it means thrifting.The couple that thrifts together, stays together.Continue Reading...This content is property of TheKimSixFix LLC. If you are reading this on any site ot...
by The Kim Six Fix on Oct 27, 2016

It was discovered, a new painting by Caravaggio ( Martirio di San Lorenzo )

Martirio di San Lorenzo Photo: icavalieridiarianna.forumfree.itA new painting belonging to the famous Italian painter Caravaggio was discovered in Rome, according to L'Osservatore Romano, the official newspaper of the Vatican.Entitled Marti...
by Potent Scientia Est on Oct 2, 2016

Mona Lisa nude version , painted by Leonardo da Vinci. The painting was found in a private collection

Leonardo da Vinci painted her famous Mona Lisa in several versions, including one nude Announces Discovery News. New painting, discovered after centuries, depicting mysterious woman in an original version and similarities between the two portraits, i...
by Potent Scientia Est on Sep 29, 2016

Bedroom Paint Ideas For Your Color Individuality

Have you saw how color can affect your state of mind? When considering bedroom paint ideas, the best bedroom paint shade option will certainly make a big distinction in just how you really feel. Famous therapist Carl Jung notoriously pioneered the id...

Easy Bathroom Decorating Ideas

If you're tired of walking into your outdated restroom and also imagine a change, we have actually got bathroom decorating ideas for you that are inexpensive and also easy to do. One of the most essential upgrade you could make in your washroom invol...

Laboring Away on the House on Labor Day

While priming and painting the kitchen exterior walls I had an epiphany.  It was about the game room which is next in line for shingles and window replacement.  We already have the two window units to replace the last of the two large mid c...
by Gear Acres on Sep 5, 2016

Living Room Paint Ideas

The living room is one of the most public sectors in your home. It's where you invite guests and where you could reveal your character to family and friends alike. Whether you prefer a bold, vivid vibe or something much more peaceful and smooth, your...

Aleksandra Ekster Paintings Collage

Aleksandra Ekster...
by Arts On My Mind on Sep 3, 2016

Studio Build Progress

A quick update: I’ve been working on the interior of my new studio, a little bit at a time whenever I’m able. It’s moving along, slowly but surely. I’m working on the electric wiring. All the wires are run, which was the hard...

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