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Painting Ceramic Tile Is Possible!

Painting ceramic tile is a great option to costly replacement tile. See how I transformed the tile backsplash in my kitchen with a couple coats of paint!
by Rustic Crafts And Chic Decor on Mar 3, 2016

Let Ceramic Tile Kitchen Countertops Speak the Beauty

Ceramic has been often used as flooring, bathroom wall, and also ceramic tile kitchen countertops by homeowners. Even though ceramic tile has several disadvantages such as that the material is easy to crack if you drop some heavy things on it frequen...
by The Inspired Kitchens on Oct 11, 2014

Painting Ceramic Tile and Textured Ceilings – Allison’s Living Room Details

Several of you have asked for specifics regarding some “issues” that we had in Allison’s (my lovely assistant) home makeover, so today I am highlighting a few biggies in her living room. Allison’s “new” living room...
by The Decorologist on May 21, 2014

What Colors Go With Grey Walls

Living room is an important room if your home which need to get beauty design, because it is a general room in your home. When you receive some guest of course you will ask them to stay in living room, so that is one of much reason that require us to...
by Quakerrose on Apr 14, 2014

Check Out This Painted Backsplash!

I would love to share an update about my painted backsplash... I have scrubbed it, cleaned it with kitchen cleaner and splattered sauce and oil on it- and it still looks as good as when I started! If you are living with tile that is not your favorite...
by Simple Dwellings on Mar 7, 2013

DIY: Painting A Ceramic Tile Backsplash

Well, the project is complete! I know you might be wondering if this was worth it and if I'm glad I did it... the answer is yes!! I was so excited to modernize my tiles a bit and go for a cleaner, more updated look.  My tiles were white, which w...
by Simple Dwellings on Jan 17, 2013

Painting Ceramic Tile {The Primer is On!}

Well... what's done is done! I have started my painting project in the kitchen. Now, no turning back! A while ago, I posted about re tiling our backsplash and choosing a grout color. Well, I have taken this project into my own hands and decided on so...
by Simple Dwellings on Jan 16, 2013

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