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Palak Paneer Recipe, How to make palak paneer | Palak paneer restaurant style

Palak paneer recipe with step by step pictures Palak paneer recipe is a rich, thick and creamy spinach gravy with soaked soft paneer cubes. I love to make spinach recipes at home because they are very nutritious and healthy yet so delicious. Spinac...
by Rachna's Kitchen on Jan 17, 2016

Saag Paneer Recipe (Palak Paneer Recipe)

Saag Paneer Recipe (Palak Paneer Recipe) is popular paneer dish from north Indian cuisine. Paneer is cooked in creamy and rich spinach (palak) gravy in saag paneer recipe (palak paneer recipe). Cooking Time: Appr. 25 Minutes Serves: 2-3 People Ingred...
by Your Cookery Book on Jun 2, 2015

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Indian Vegetarian Recipes: Palak PaneerIngredients Spinach: 1 kgPaneer: 200 gramsOnion: 2Butter: 6 table spoonOil: 2 table spoonCumin seeds: 2 tea spoon.Black pepper powder: 1/2 tea spoonGinger-garlic paste: 1&1/2 tea spoonGreen chilly paste: 1t...
by Vegetarian Recipe Spot on Apr 5, 2009

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