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Late Summer Bluegill Strategies

As the dog days of the summer roll by, fishing strategies change. By late July, water temperatures in most places have reached their peak. The days begin to get a little shorter. Fish change their habitats. Knowing how to target late summer bluegills...
by Bluegill Slayer on Aug 27, 2014

INFOGRAPHIC: State Record Bluegills

State Record Bluegills compiled a complete list of state record bluegill. The below infographic summarizes some of the interesting data discovered. If anyone is interested in the raw numbers, please let me know. Share, like and twe...
by Bluegill Slayer on May 7, 2014

Join the Big Fish Fight

Let’s get behind Jamie Oliver, you can make a difference. Grab a frying pan and join the Big Fish Fight. Peter and The Italian...
by Lumpy Mash on Jan 17, 2011

Can’t catch any fish? Go small!

When the fishing gets tough, go small.
by 32fishing on Aug 25, 2009

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