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Don’t Hold Back On Love

Helena Paparizou has premiered the video for "Don't Hold Back On Love", a song that belongs to his latest album "One Life". Don’t Hold Back On Love...
by 40 music on Jul 30, 2014

Doll who looks like Helena Paparizou?

Tonner doll is known by doll collectors the website were they can find dolls not for babies but for the old babies if i can say that - art collectors.People around the world are visiting this website to buy dolls with clothes made by famous designers...
by Eurodance Blog on Dec 15, 2013

Eurovision Sweden ready steady goo !

When many european country's  hardly found sponsors to participate and Eurovision Song Contest next year, Sweden prepared an army of musicians to participate.Queen of europop - Elena Paparizou, Father of euroreggae - Dr. Alban and God of House -...
by Eurodance Blog on Nov 28, 2013

Elena Paparizou – Poso M’aresei (Video Oficial)

Video: Elena Paparizou – Poso M’aresei (Video Oficial)  La entrada original esta Elena Paparizou – Poso M’aresei (Video Oficial)...
by ConRealFlow.Net on Apr 15, 2013


Overload it's called the new single from Julissa Veloz, a powerfull dance track with strong synths and beats who will be out on october 30th. The tune was wrote by Julissa and soon will be fallowed by a new material. Overload can be pre order here.
by Eurodance Blog on Oct 15, 2012

Life will hit you even you are superstar

Recently i read an article in Down Town about eurovision winner Helena Paparizou, in that article the singer tells the darkest moments from her life, losing her dad on Christmas day, losing a baby and the brake up with her boyfriend Tony. "We all get...
by Eurodance Blog on Sep 15, 2012

Helena Paparizou & Apostolos Mitropoulos

Apostolos Mitropoulos and Helena Paparizou worked together and created one of the first really fashionable video clips in Greece. Apostolos, a fashion designer of the new generation of greek designers with his eccentric style and his muse Helena, one...
by Burningstages on Apr 21, 2011

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