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Where the Grass is Green and the Girls are Pretty

  We were supposed to leave for my family’s annual beach trip last Sunday morning. Those plans were changed when Mrs. Cutter saw that Guns ‘N Roses would be playing at FedEx Field on Sunday night. Until recently, I likely would R...
by The Cutter Rambles on Jul 6, 2016

Introduction to Classes Example

// Classes001.cpp : Defines the entry point for the console application.//#include "stdafx.h"#include "iostream"using namespace std; class SlashClass{public:       void coolSaying(){      &n...
by MEGA C++ Tutorials on Apr 29, 2015

Guns ‘N’ Roses – Paradise City

Video of the day March 29, 2014    ...
by Guitar Players World on Mar 30, 2014

Slash Guitar Lesson – Paradise City

Slash himself teaches how to play the Guns ‘n Roses classic Paradise City.   ...
by Guitar Players World on Feb 7, 2014

Escape From Paradise City Trainer

Options ——- Numpad 1- Crew Health- you and your crew get unlimited Health. You still might be killed by scripted events or large explosions, etc. Numpad 2- Money- Gives 1 […]...
by Latest Facebook Game Cheats on Aug 14, 2013

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