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How to Become a Paralegal

Paralegal training is important for anyone interested in working for attorneys because it will give you the needed background on the legal field through coursework and interaction with legal professionals. There are various training choices for stude...
by ~ Study Law ~ on Oct 28, 2010

How Do I Get An Online Paralegal Certificate?

If you are looking to get an online certificate as a paralegal, you will find that there are many resources available on the internet. There are programs available online which are designed for novice as well as advanced legal students. The first ste...
by ~ Study Law ~ on Oct 12, 2010

Paralegal Salary Job Description

Participation in the paralegal internship programs is a good means to acquire that experience. Today, the internships are an integral part of all paralegal certificate programs. The internships are designed to improve the student?s total learning exp...
by ~ Study Law ~ on Sep 26, 2010 Featured School of the Week April 7, 2008: the Salter School

Does the prospect of acquiring financial stability sound good to you? At the Salter School (part of the Premier Education Group), get the training you need to excel in any one of today’s in-demand careers. Choose from courses in paralegal, mass...
by ~ Study Law ~ on Sep 26, 2010

What Is An Online Paralegal Associates Degree Actually Worth?

Students who are considering getting an online Associates Degree as a paralegal may be wondering how much it is worth, or how much they will earn upon graduation. In this article I want to go over this, and other issues related to being a paralegal.
by ~ Study Law ~ on Sep 10, 2010

What Law graduates can do if they have no training contract

There is a decrease in the number of training contracts available and an increase in the number of Legal Practice Course (LPC) Graduates. Following the Banking collapse the number of LPC students doing paralegal work is increasing. Those who have not...
by ~ Study Law ~ on Sep 6, 2010

Why Need To Choose Aba Approved Paralegal

Benefits of an ABA Approved Paralegal training An ABA Paralegal Approved program is designed to train individuals interested in a career in the legal field as a paralegal. Choosing an ABA-Approved college is an excellent choice for individuals intere...
by ~ Study Law ~ on Aug 17, 2010

Find Out How to Become a Paralegal

Learning how to become a paralegal is an important step in making the decision to get your education in this field. A paralegal is a person who works with attorneys. They do not have the same legal degree as an attorney does, but they do work with cl...
by ~ Study Law ~ on Aug 13, 2010

Online Paralegal Certificate ? Advantages of Online Paralegal Courses

Getting an online paralegal certificate is easy to some people. However, it can also be very difficult to some. With the many available resources via the internet, getting an online paralegal certificate would never be that hard. There are online sit...
by ~ Study Law ~ on Aug 7, 2010

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