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‘Baywatch’ Trailer: Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron Save Lives One Boobs and Balls Joke At A Time

The fact that Seth Gordon is behind the lens for Baywatch pretty much tells us that the film reboot will go for a more comedic slant than its cheesy drama TV counterpart. And the first trailer for the film pretty much proves that. Paramount has relea...
by Geeks of Doom on Dec 8, 2016

"Transformers: O Último Cavaleiro" ganha trailer tenso entre Autobots

Com um tom bem dramático saiu o primeiro trailer de “Transformers: O Último Cavaleiro“! O trailer divulgado pela Paramount Pictures, traz cenas com o estilo do diretor Michael Bay, e uma cena que mostrar uma tremenda reviravolta na franqui...
by Sétima Art on Dec 7, 2016

Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Baywatch’ Tease Wants You To Watch Full Trailer Tomorrow

A teaser for a trailer campaign has been used many times before, so the practice isn't going away any time soon. We saw that earlier today with Spider-Man: Homecoming. Now Dwayne Johnson is announcing that the trailer for Baywatch is also debuting to...
by Geeks of Doom on Dec 7, 2016

‘xXx: Reativado’: Neymar, Vin Diesel e todo elenco nos primeiros cartazes

" xXx: Reativado", com Vin Diesel e  Neymar ganhou vários cartazes. E neles vemos além de Vin Diesel ainda tem Ariadna Gutiérrez (Miss Colômbia), Donnie Yen, Nina Dobrev, Ruby Rose, Toni Collette, Tony Jaa, Deepika Padukone, Samuel L. Jackso...
by Sétima Art on Nov 1, 2016

Primeiro trailer dublado de “Chamados”

"Chamados", o novo filme da franquia da menina do poço“Samara“, ganhou seu primeiro pôster e trailer divulgados pela Paramount Pictures.   Entre os que têm o destino alterado ao assistir o vídeo na trama que estreia dia 10 de n...
by Sétima Art on Aug 25, 2016

“Jack Reacher: Sem Retorno”com Tom Cruise ganha um segundo pôster

"Jack Reacher: Sem Retorno", continuação do filme de ação estrelado por Tom Cruise(Missão: Impossível-Protocolo Fantasma), ganhou seu segundo pôster divulgado pela Paramount Pictures.Na trama, esta vez, o combatente retorna à base militar que...
by Sétima Art on Aug 19, 2016

“Jack Reacher: Sem Retorno” com Tom Cruise ganha primeiro pôster

"Jack Reacher: Sem Retorno",  filme de ação estrelado por Tom Cruise, ganhou da Paramount Pictures, o seu primeiro pôster divulgado.Na trama, esta vez, o combatente retorna à base militar que serviu na Virgínia, onde pretende encontrar...
by Sétima Art on Aug 11, 2016

Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 74, Star Trek Beyond and SDCC

In which, Andrew, Tracy, and Dude take on the news from SDCC, especially the trailers for new DC movies and the announcement of Brie Larson’s casting as Captain Marvel.  They wrap up the episode with a conversation about whether or … Con...
by Therefore I Geek on Jul 26, 2016

xXx - Return of Xander Cage - Teaser Trailer

A Potpourri of Vestiges Feature Vin Diesel and Deepika Padukone in xXx - Return of Xander CageThe most awaited trailer of the year, xXx - Return of Xander Cage, starring Vin Diesel and Deepika Padukone has been released. Watch it first on A Potpourr...
by A Potpourri of Vestiges on Jul 20, 2016

‘xXx: Return Of Xander Cage’ Trailer: Vin Diesel Kicks Some Ass While Trying To Look Dope

Vin Diesel is really no stranger to bringing back his dying film franchises back from the dead, Fast and Furious and Riddick being the two, and now we can look forward to him bringing back xXx. Paramount has released the first trailer for xXx: Return...
by Geeks of Doom on Jul 20, 2016

‘Star Trek Beyond’ Final Trailer: It’s Going To Be So Much Fun

There are only a few more days left until the release of Star Trek Beyond, and Paramount is pulling out all the stops to make sure that you go and see this film. If we are to base our reactions from critics who've already saw it last week, Beyond loo...
by Geeks of Doom on Jul 18, 2016

‘Star Trek 4’ Confirmed; Chris Hemsworth To Return As George Kirk

Star Trek Beyond hits theaters this weekend and will make its big outdoor IMAX debut at the San Diego Comic-Con. As exciting as that sounds, it's no surprise that Paramount Pictures would take this time to announced that there will be another sequel.
by Geeks of Doom on Jul 18, 2016

“Star Trek: Sem Fronteiras” ganha um featurette e um novo pôster

“Star Trek: Sem Fronteiras” ganhou um novo pôster da Paramount Pictures,  agora em IMAX, mostrando a Enterprise indo audaciosamente aonde nenhum homem jamais esteve. Além do pôster, o longa ainda ganhou um featurette sobre o vil...
by Sétima Art on Jul 15, 2016

"Ben-Hur" com Rodrigo Santoro e Morgan Freeman ganha vários cartazes

A refilmagem do clássico "Ben-Hur", agora estrelado por por Jack Huston (Uma Longa Jornada), Rodrigo Santoro(300), Morgan Freeman (Antes de Partir), ganhou da novos cartazes divulgados, e cada arte revela um personagem, destaque para o brasileiro Sa...
by Sétima Art on Jul 8, 2016

Sulu Will Be A Gay Father In ‘Star Trek Beyond’; George Takei Disapproves Of Decision

Paramount will be releasing Star Trek Beyond in just a few weeks, and there is much anticipation surrounding the film. Part of that is sadly contributed due to the tragic passing of Anton Yelchin, but the other - which in no way should overshadow the...
by Geeks of Doom on Jul 7, 2016

Can You Dig It? ‘Captain America: Civil War’s The Russo Brothers To Adapt ‘The Warriors’ For TV

If you are not a fan of big budget remakes, then you are not alone. Most remakes if not all of them are considered to be poor contemporary reflections of the original source material. And it doesn't get any better when a classic film gets reinvented...
by Geeks of Doom on Jul 5, 2016

Jasa 3D Visualizer Masterplan

3d masterplan Masterplan Paramount Manado design by PT. Mitra Kreasi Sinergi rendering 3d impressions by eben 3d impressions Eben 3d Impressions menawarkan jasa pembuatan 3d rumah tinggal, 3d apartement, 3d clubhouse, 3d gerbang, 3d fasilitas um...
by eben3d impression artists on Jun 30, 2016

Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 70, Axanar: Star Trek, Fair Use, And Fan Filmmaking

In which, Andrew, Tracy, and Dude discuss the new restrictions handed down by CBS and Paramount regarding Star Trek films.  Andrew and Dude end up on opposite sides of the opinion spectrum regarding what does and what should constitute a … Con...
by Therefore I Geek on Jun 28, 2016

Beverley Hills Cop 4 Finds New Directing Duo

Paramount’s Beverly Hills Cop 4 has found a new set of directors to bring Axel Foley into the 21st century. Following their acclaimed drama Black, Belgian filmmakers Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah have been selected to take on the iconic franchise.
by Box Office Buz on Jun 15, 2016

“Monster Trucks” novo filme de ficção de Lucas Till ganha primeiro trailer

“Monster Trucks”  ficção científica estrelado por Lucas Till (“X-Men: Apocalipse”) ganhou da Paramount Pictures, o primeiro trailer divulgado. A trama conta a história de um jovem mecânico vivido por Lucas Till (“X-Men: Apoca...
by Sétima Art on Jun 6, 2016

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