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Parasyte (2014), ¿quiénes somos, de dónde venimos a dónde vamos?

"Parasyte", más allá de presentar una invasión alienígena, nos plantea momentos y situaciones en los que merece la pena detenerse y reflexionar.
by Zinemaníacos on Dec 20, 2016

jstorming’s Top 5 Anime of 2015

I’m going to be honest. I skipped out on a lot of anime last year. However, for the anime that I did manage to watch, I found myself enjoying them quite thoroughly.  There does seem to be a general consensus among many anibloggers over which t...
by Anime Monographia on Jan 2, 2016

Anime Review – Parasyte -the maxim-: You’ll never believe who I ate last night!

I’m going to try and make this review a bit more structured than the last one, and hopefully it works out.  However, at the expense of sounding subjective, I only care about certain aspects of a show.  The opening, the characters, the music...
by Popculturemecha on May 28, 2015

Winter 2015 Anime Final Thoughts

The winter 2015 anime season is in the history books, so it's time again for me to share my thoughts on the series that concluded this season, which I watched but did not blog weekly. For this season, those series are Garo, Parasyte, and Tokyo Ghoul...
by A Product of Wasted Time on Apr 3, 2015

Parasyte Live-Action Film Hitting SM Cinemas

Pioneer Films bringing the live action adaptation movie of horror manga Parasyte thru SM Cinemas starting February 11 The post Parasyte Live-Action Film Hitting SM Cinemas appeared first on The Fanboy SEO.
by The Fanboy SEO on Feb 6, 2015

The Sinister Right? Handedness and Morality in Parasyte: the maxim

Shinichi: Human life is precious, isn’t it? Migi: I don’t understand. I only value my own life. I have never considered the life of any other being valuable. Shinichi: You are an animal. An insect. Migi: Is that your attempt to be disdain...
by Anime Monographia on Dec 25, 2014

Parasyte 01 - First Impressions

Quick first impressions on the new anime series based on a fairly old sci-fi horror manga. Imagine if this guy had to go to the dentist.Not sure how tying your arm up with headphone cords will stop a creature that can burrow through the skin.Quick su...
by A Product of Wasted Time on Oct 11, 2014

Trailer released for Japanese horror Parasyte

Well, here’s a trailer that goes from standard to insane very quickly. Released by Toho Company (the studio behind every Japanese Godzilla movie) has released the trailer for Parasyte, a two-part sci-fi horror movie based on a Manga of the same...
by Flickering Myth Movie Blog on Jul 18, 2014

หนังตัวอย่างแรกของเรื่อง Parasyte หรือ ปรสิต เดรัจฉาน

Parasyte หรือ ปรสิต เดรัจฉานฉบับการ์ตูนนั้นมีมานานตั้งแต่ปี 1995 ผลงานของฮิโตชิ อิวากิ ซึ่งเป็นท...
by Yak Lhao on Jul 16, 2014

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