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Camping with Your Family

Camping with Your FamilyWhen it comes to a budget holiday with the family there really isn’t anything as much fun or as affordable as going camping (if you do it right!). Did you go camping as a child? Have you got fond memories of being allo...
by ParentsNeed on Dec 13, 2016

Ambil angin Petang di Teluk Sengat Kota Tinggi

Assalamualaikum Apa lagi yang membuatkan hati ni gembira bila dapat berkumpul dengan adik beradik..Apa tah lagi dapat berjalan bersama-sama..Menikmati keindahan petang di tepi laut Sebenarnya memang dah lama tak menjengah di Teluk sengat ni..Te...
by kisah si dairy on Dec 13, 2016

10 Simple Ways to Handle Angry Children

Anger isn’t good or bad, angry children aren’t good or bad either, its the way a child deals with anger that can be positive or negative. At times it seems [...] The post 10 Simple Ways to Handle Angry Children appeared first on Your Moti...
by YourMotivationGuru on Dec 13, 2016

Suprise Birthday Untuk Emak

Assalamualaikum Jumaat yang lepas,Birthday my mom yang ke 53 tahun.Kami adik beradik dah plan awal untuk "Suprise Birthday" dia.. Tapi plan asal macam kelam kibut sikit sebab malam tu dia ada Majlis Marhaban di rumah jiran aku..Tukar plan di sa...
by kisah si dairy on Dec 12, 2016

Give the Gift of Safety this Christmas

With two teens, my daughter who is in college, works, and drives all over the city, and my son who is beginning to launch out I’m always concerned about their safety. I try not to be paranoid when... Read the rest over at
by Rich Single Momma on Dec 12, 2016

Book Review: Penguin Problems by Jory John and Lane Smith

If you are after a well-paced comedy story for children but really (I suspect) aimed at parents then you cant go wrong with this little gem. The little penguin in the story is plagued with… View Full Post The post Book Review: Penguin Problems...
by Being a Mummy on Dec 12, 2016

A Magpie, Smiles And Festive Kitty – Our Weekly Photos Week 50

    A busy week with work and the boys have had their Christmas show at work. Lucas does technical, the sound and music and Tyler was a magpie and Churchill. It was his first year doing musical theatre and he was fab. He really enjoyed it t...
by SusanKMann on Dec 10, 2016

Sepuluh Bahasa Cinta Dalam Mendidik Anak (1)

Setiap orang yang berpikir sehat tentunya sepakat bahwa mendidik anak itu perlu ilmu. Jangankan mendidik anak, hanya sekedar masak nasi pun butuh ilmu kan?

Tips Mengajarkan Anak Berjilbab Sejak Dini

Tips Mengajarkan Anak Berjilbab Sejak Dini – Seorang ibu pasti menginginkan sesuatu yang terbaik untuk anaknya, seperti menanamkan agama sejak dini. Jilbab merupakan salah satu penutup aurat bagi wanita muslimah. Masih banyak orang tua yang mem...
by on Dec 10, 2016

Traning Smart Parenting Akhir Tahun Yuk Ngaji Jogja

Akhir tahun 2016 ini komunitas Yuk Ngaji Jogja membuat gebrakan luar biasa. Kegiatan yang diadakan bukan untuk remaja, mahasiswa melainkun untuk orang tua. Agenda kajian ini bertajuk "Training Smart Parenting". Penting diikuti oleh para orang tua. Te...
by Kaos Muslim Gaul on Dec 9, 2016

Christmas Gift Ideas for Children Aged 7-10

My boys are getting to these ages, so this is why I picked these. It is an age I am familiar with and love looking out for bits and pieces and toys that will stimulate their imaginations. Toys that will be played with day after day and always some cr...
by SusanKMann on Dec 9, 2016

Top Tips for Running with Jogging Stroller

Top Tips for Running with Jogging StrollerIt can be difficult keeping up with your running schedule when your baby arrives. If you like to run, a jogging stroller may be the answer. It will give you the freedom to continue with your running, without...
by ParentsNeed on Dec 8, 2016

Masalah gegata naura dah hilang

Assalamualaikum Hai korang..Alhamdulillah..masalah gegata pada badan naura dah kembali pulih.Aku pernah ceritakan kisah Naura kena gegata di entry INI Masa kena tu,aku pi melaka..Duduk kat satu rumah tumpangan di sana..Tak sangka benda ni boleh j...
by kisah si dairy on Dec 8, 2016

Christmas Gift Ideas for Preschoolers

I can’t believe that next year Aria will be a preschooler, she has grown so fast. Preschoolers are so much fun to buy for, and seeing their face light up about the simplest of things is magical. Here is our list of items I love, I’ve p...
by SusanKMann on Dec 8, 2016

Summer Vacation Ideas for Families with Kids

Summer Vacation Ideas for Families with KidsFamily vacations supply lifelong memories, but to make sure that every member of the family is satisfied and will have a good time, it's very important to pick the perfect locale. You could start by putting...
by ParentsNeed on Dec 7, 2016

A Guide to Weaning Success

A Guide to Weaning SuccessIt doesn’t seem like two minutes ago that your sweet bundle of joy was born and now they are at the stage where you are considering introducing solid food into their diet. Where does the time go?Weaning, much like any othe...
by ParentsNeed on Dec 6, 2016

It's The Thought That Counts

The figures vary in every article I read, but they all agree that parents / carers are going to spend at least £150 per child on Christmas presents this year, and many will spend way in excess of this. When the year's hottest toy - the Hatchimal; a...
by Babi a Fi (Baby and Me) on Dec 6, 2016

The Torch Dragon Tour of London

It’s not every day that you are given the opportunity to hunt for Dragon’s in London guided by Historian and TV Presenter, Suzannah Lipscomb and a fire breathing baby dragon! So, when Hasbro invited ‘Being… View Full Post The post The Tor...
by Being a Mummy on Dec 6, 2016


 Bagi Bakal - bakal parent dan bakal mum yang masih tercari - cari katil sesuai untuk Bayi anda mungkin katil yang mempunyai seperti corak di bawah dalam list untuk keperluan baby anda ;-)Source ; WebP/s Most important Easy and SafetyLatest...

I’m Now a Memeber of the Pampers Baby Board

A couple of weeks ago, a representative from Pampers Ireland contacted me with an amazing opportunity to get involved in the brand. I often use Pampers products so of course I jumped at the opportunity to work with them. As we were finalising detail...
by Glitter Mama Wishes on Dec 5, 2016

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