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Thailand: Hotel with Mini Water Park Opens on the Beach in Pattaya

4 star hotel with 2 swimming pools and mini water park opens on the beach in Pattaya, Thailand...
by Accidental TravelWriter on Dec 8, 2014

A Dozen Cheap Hotels In Pattaya For Under $30 A Night

    Pattaya is one of the most popular travel destinations in Thailand with thousands of tourists visiting the place every year. Situated on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand, some 130km from Bangkok, this picturesque beach resort R...
by Which Hotel 4 Me on Nov 3, 2013


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Pattaya City: Attractive Metropolis In Thailand

Pattaya Metropolis is one from the wonderful metropolitan areas discovered in Thailand; situated around the country’s Jap Gulf coast. Pronounced a Phatthaya in Thai the city is situated an estimated a hundred sixty five kilometers away from Ban...
by Daily Live Stream New Videos on Jun 22, 2011

Thailand Shopping Festival

The beautiful country of Thailand boasts of historical, cultural attractions, unique shopping destinations, scenic beaches and luxurious spa experiences. For those who feel weak in their knees with a mention of shopping, Thailand is a must visit. One...
by YIGYIG Thailand on Aug 19, 2009

Beaches in Thailand

The endless beaches of Thailand are a major attraction amongst beach lovers from around the world. The golden white sandy beaches and clear blue waters make for a picturesque view. Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Hua Hin and Krabi are home t...
by YIGYIG Thailand on Jul 31, 2009

Pattaya City

Pattaya’s name was originated from the march of Phraya Tak (later known as King Taksin the Great) and his followers from Ayutthaya to Chanthaburi just before the fall of the Ayutthaya Kingdom to the Burmese invaders in 1767.
by Thailand's Beaches on Feb 27, 2009

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