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Download Snapchat for PC or Computer/laptops in MAC [windows xp 7 8 8.1 and 10]

Download Snapchat for PC: Hey friends it’s time to start using your favorite Snapchat application right on your computer now. It is there on the Google Play store for free and developed by Snapchat Inc. It can be found under Social category for fre...
by Android Marshmallow Features on Dec 21, 2015 free movies for both mobiles and PC

At, I download free movies be it TV series, Cartoons/Amines, Documentaries, Indian movies and other videos for both PC and mobiles free of charge. Latest TV series are updated on the site always and thus keep it fresh with new content...
by EXTREMETIPZ on Sep 14, 2015

How To Reset Windows 10, 8, or 8.1 If You Have Forgotten Your Password

A forgotten Windows password isn’t the end of the world. You don’t have to trash the computer, or even perform a dreaded factory restore. There are many ways to remove or reset a Windows password, but how quickly and easily it can be done depends...
by blogmytuts on Sep 4, 2015

How To Fix error HRESULT 0xc8000222 In Net Framework Installation

1. Does the issue persist only with .netframework? 2. How are you  installing it? Is it through windows update or manually? a: Click Start > Run.b: Type cmd and press Enter. Please run the following command in the opened
by EXTREMETIPZ on Jun 30, 2015

HTML to PDF Converters – Everything you need to know in a Nutshell

HTML is known to be one of the simplest and easy to use programming languages that have been successfully deployed to construct web pages for years. It requires minimum hassle and easily generates results right on the spot. However, the features of t...
by Area 51 Blog on Feb 13, 2015

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free : Best Recovery Software Review

You have been through the situation when all of a sudden your computer has stopped working and even after trying hard to restart the system, you failed to do so. Then again, there are some who have witnessed error message when the system rebooted its...
by Area 51 Blog on Feb 11, 2015

How to Remove AVG Secure Search from Computer

AVG is a good Antivirus and Internet Security program, no doubt. But the annoying thing I felt when using AVG Internet Security on my computer was it's integration into Web browsers. AVG integrates with your Web browsers and replaces the current home...
by Area 51 Blog on Aug 2, 2014

How to Install and Update Intel Drivers Online

Recently I wrote an article in which I explained How to Install Computer Drivers Automatically using free programs and online driver scanners, today I'm going to write a similar post which will help you install and update Intel hardware drivers onlin...
by Area 51 Blog on Jul 22, 2014

How to Restore System using Restore Point on Windows 8

Yesterday I posted a tutorial teaching How to create a System restore point on Windows 8. I would recommend reading that article first because this one is a follow up article. Today I will teach you How to Restore system using a previous Restore...
by Area 51 Blog on Jul 21, 2014

How to Create a System Restore Point on Windows 8

Have you messed up your computer by installing drivers which aren't compatible with your hardware? Or have you been attacked with some computer virus and can't recover? A Restore point is the best way to restore you computer to a previous state (when...
by Area 51 Blog on Jul 20, 2014

How to Install PC Drivers Automatically on Windows

To make computer hardware function properly, it is very important that we install up-to-date drivers. Drivers are specially made by the hardware manufacturers and are unique for different hardware. Drivers of one hardware cannot work with other hardw...
by Area 51 Blog on Jul 19, 2014

How to Create Hard Drive Partition in Windows 8

Laptops which come with Windows 8 or 8.1 pre-installed usually have only one partition, which contains system as well as data. Having one partition is not good for many reasons, 1) In case you need to reinstall system then you might lose your data, 2...
by Area 51 Blog on Jul 15, 2014

How to Enable Windows Store in Windows To Go Workspaces

After installing Windows 8 for the first time, some people found that Windows store on their computer was not working and was showing a message "Windows Store isn't available on Windows To Go Workplaces." This was annoying as they weren't able to ins...
by Area 51 Blog on Jul 12, 2014

Make Your Computer Talk Without Any Software

FOLLOW THE STEPS GIVEN BELOW1. Open Notepad.2. Now Copy and paste the code given below as it is.Dim Message, SpeakMessage=InputBox("Enter text","Speak")Set Speak=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")Speak.Speak Message3. Now save this text file , select All T...
by Rule Breakers on Jun 23, 2014

How to use whatsapp in your PC

INFORMATIONWhatsApp is one of the most popular mobile messanger among the smartphone users. It is very popular among the android users and is getting more popular day by day. Due to its popularity, facebook baught it worth $19 billion...!! It is an e...
by Rule Breakers on Jun 23, 2014

How To Speed Up Your Internet Connection

INFORMATIONWhen you connect to a web site your computer sends information back and forth. Some of this information deals with resolving the site name to an IP address, the stuff that TCP/IP really deals with, not words. This is DNS information and is...
by Rule Breakers on Jun 19, 2014

How to Remove Qone8 Virus from Computer

Recently my computer was attacked by Qone8 virus and I was very irritated. Qone8 is very annoying and it will hijack all browsers and replace your homepage with their own, they will do it in such a way that you won't be able to revert back to your ho...
by Area 51 Blog on Jun 11, 2014

How to use Keyword Search in firefox and chrome or How to search any bitcoin address hash through address bar

If you want to access search feature of any website just through your address bar using " Search by Keyword " feature Just follow the Following Steps.1st: Go to the webpage on the site where the search box is visible. Right Click on Search box and Se...
by computer tricks corner on Jun 11, 2014

How to Convert PDF to EPUB

EPUB is a widely used format for eBooks and many e-readers does not accept all book formats such as PDF. Almost all eBook readers accept EPUB and Today I'm going to write a Tutorial on How to convert PDF to EPUB. By doing this you can easily convert...
by Area 51 Blog on Jun 5, 2014

How to Convert Internal PC Hard Drive to External USB Hard Drive

Before Laptops and External Hard Drives existed, We all used to have that old Desktop PC with Internal 3.5" inch Hard Drives (PATA / SATA). Many people have moved to Laptops and quit using Desktop PC but they still have DATA in their PC Hard Drives.
by Area 51 Blog on Jun 1, 2014

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