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Surgeon Sim part 1: Remove the debris

     Menna and Eric are back at it! This time they two are trying their hand at a very realistic and complicated simulator, Surgeon Sim 2013. Watch as hilarity ensues during this delicate operation. Please enjoy this video and don't fo...
by Pedigrino Gaming on Jan 15, 2015

YouTube: Bubble the table trouble...Little balls

     This time we explore two miniclip games: Bubble Trouble, and Tug the Table. We hope you enjoy our many fails in this new addition to the channel.Links:YouTube channel-
by Pedigrino Gaming on Jan 11, 2015

YouTube: Icy Towers...Hurt me plenty.

     We have a new video out! Menna and Eric play a game which consumed much of Menna's childhood, Icy Tower. In this video we tried a new style of editing in hopes that it would be more entertaining and fun to watch. Enjoy!Links:YouTu...
by Pedigrino Gaming on Jan 11, 2015

About Me-- New Member!

     I'm Menna, and I'm the newest member of Pedigrino. Eric so ingeniously came up with the idea of evolving this blog into a YouTube gaming channel, and he generously offered me (and one more member whom we will be introducing very s...
by Pedigrino Gaming on Sep 27, 2014

Happy Wheels, Our New YouTube Series

     Alongside our Tomb Raider series, we're happy to announce that we'll be releasing a new series playing the classic game, the game that has captured millions with its fascinating graphics, riveting story, and mind-boggling attentio...
by Pedigrino Gaming on Jun 29, 2014

The future of Pedigrino Gaming, re-branding, and new content....

     Hey everyone, it has been a while since I have posted anything on this blog, but don't worry I am still here! I understand that it has been many months since I have posted anything, but that doesn't mean I have forgotten. There ar...
by Pedigrino Gaming on Jun 29, 2014

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