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How To Wear Heels: 7 Staple Heeled Shoes You Must Own

Every woman needs to own at least one pair of staple shoes and also needs to know how to wear heels. How about when she owns 7 staple heeled shoes? The post How To Wear Heels: 7 Staple Heeled Shoes You Must Own appeared first on Estilo Tendances.
by Estilo Tendances on Mar 17, 2016

Lace Up Shoes Sandal Booties Ghillies Fashion Trend In Focus

Lace up shoes footwear is one of the hottest shoe trends this spring season. Sandals, booties, and pump are revamped with sweeping laces and menswear inspired ties. Firstly and most importantly, the straps on... The post Lace Up Shoes San...
by Smart Wide Width Shoes on Feb 21, 2016

Customer Service On Fleek

You can't stop my onslaught of continuous white after Labor Day; Wednesday was only the beginning! Muah haha... Ok, ok I'm getting carried away.The first time I wore this (style of) Lafayette 148 skirt it broke. I sat down, some seams popped, totes e...
by 260 Days No Repeats on Sep 11, 2015

Summertime Scandal

I know you're shocked, I am wearing white after Labor Day... I am a rebel! You might have gleaned from my post yesterday that I am a firm believe in the fact that summer doesn't actually end until the official end not, Labor Day. Just because ev...
by 260 Days No Repeats on Sep 10, 2015

Best Laid Simple Statement

While I was on the train, Thursday morning, on the way to work I started putting together this post. I was super excited to be keeping up with my new personal schedule and doing the things that I enjoy doing like blogging and thinking about clothes.
by 260 Days No Repeats on Sep 8, 2015

A Favorite Contradiction

This dress is definitely one of my favorites. If I wasn't trying to wear a different ensemble to work everyday for a year you would be seeing more of this dress, for sure. Naturally, as I considered what items to keep, tailor, donate, or sell&nb...
by 260 Days No Repeats on Sep 2, 2015

Weekend Wear: I'm On a (Birthday) Boat

You may or may not know that August is my birthday month! If you follow me on Instagram (like you should) then you would have gotten a proverbial play by play of all the fun things that have been going on. Sufficed to say birthdays are a big thing fo...
by 260 Days No Repeats on Aug 31, 2015


This week is starting out less positively than I had hoped. Who didn't get home until 9:00pm last night? This gal! The sad thing is it wasn't for lack of trying, let me explain.While I departed work at a (quasi) reasonable hour (6:00ish) and met up w...
by 260 Days No Repeats on Jul 22, 2015

Blazer Vacation

This outfit is from last Thursday. We're almost all caught up...It's hot outside, did you guys notice that? Yay, summer! While I couldn't be happier to wear white, head to the beach, barbecue, enjoy sunlight until late evening hours, and the many oth...
by 260 Days No Repeats on Jul 2, 2015

Child of the Zodiac

This outfit is from yesterday. Yes, I am all over the place with posting but, will be back to normal next week. You'll see...Is this week eShakti week? That would be fun (and possible now) but, no... but, as I mentioned last month I was tempted at th...
by 260 Days No Repeats on Jul 2, 2015

Summer Interviewing

Today Yesterday Wednesday was another interview open house for work. As you (probably) know that means that I lean towards traditionally professional office attire AKA suits but, that had been a challenge for me given my recent weight loss. Yup,...
by 260 Days No Repeats on Jun 26, 2015

Define "Too Big?"

This dress is another example of something that might be past its (sartorial) expiration date (for me.) Moment of honesty: the first time I wore this dress it was a bit tight for me. So tight, that I split a seam at the waist while getting into my ca...
by 260 Days No Repeats on Jun 18, 2015

White Time

This outfit is from last Thursday, and you thought I forgot... Today it's two for one!Memorial Day was some time ago and I have not been taking advantage of my new found super power ability to wear white as much as I should/would like. That's going t...
by 260 Days No Repeats on Jun 18, 2015

Retro Reminiscent

It's amazing what small changes do to change something as a whole. Example: add hydrogen to oxygen and it makes water. Science. I digress...  the first time I looked at these pants the only thing I could think of was golfing. I would just like t...
by 260 Days No Repeats on Jun 16, 2015

Kushyfoot Spring-Summer 2015

Kushyfoot has done it again! By now you can probably tell I really enjoy Kushyfoot products. They keep coming out with amazing foot wear to help your feet feel better as you work or play. Kushyfoot spring/summer 2015 collection of products was create...
by Thoughts of Beauty on Jun 14, 2015

Teacher Dress

I'm sorry for the gap in posts; life happens, as you know. My personal style mission hasn't changed so, I am getting back to it... One of my biggest challenges this week so far was that I, kind of, hated (almost) every outfit that I put together over...
by 260 Days No Repeats on Jun 10, 2015

Weekend Wear: DIY Social Butterfly

There were a few things going on this weekend on top of of normal weekend activities (grocery/laundry/tidying up/mulching) like, brunch breakfast on the Upper East Side with a friend visiting from out of state and a baby shower out on the (almos...
by 260 Days No Repeats on May 31, 2015

Runway High Heels. Sandals. Boots and Shoes at JessicaBuurman

PLATFORM RUNWAY SHOES Women like the platform runway shoes because the platform runway shoes are more comfortable than the high heel sandals. A platform runway shoe doesn’t harm your feet like the high heels. The platform shoes are weared by the mo...
by Responsive PR on Jun 20, 2014

Tips about the peep toe shoes

We can see back into history,peep-toe shoes were popular beginning in the 1940s, but disappeared by the 1960s. Peep-toe shoes had a brief resurgence in the 1970s/80s, before falling out of fashion by the mid-1990s. More recently, they have enjoyed...
by basicshoes on Jun 5, 2014

5 Things Im Loving Right Now: Spring Edition

TGIF all! 1. The Fresh Sophisticate Collection from IGIGI: “With this collection we wanted to portray a feeling of effervescence and grace — an image of a woman who enjoys life and isn’t afraid to show it through what she chooses to wear.” sa...
by grownandcurvywoman on Apr 11, 2014

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