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Kabalyero in Hit Detection Sucks Or Is It Just Lag? Blacklight: Retribution

Currently, US players are blaming Asians and Brazilians for lagging their game. Hopefully, Blacklight: Retribution will get a server where Asian players can play without getting blamed by American... [[ This is a content summary only. Please visit h...
by Kabalyero on Mar 23, 2012

Carrie Underwood Covers Self Magazine + Interview!

On her pre-event diet: “I lay off starches. I’m not a fan of the nocarb thing; you’re going to get yourself in trouble that way. So I have lots of veggies and fruit but no other starches or bread.” On her food plan: “I l...
by Chicago Fabulous Blog on Mar 16, 2012

Como Criar um Sever no PW 1.3.6 @ 1.4.2

 Olá galera HJ eu vo postar aki como Criar um serve private de PWPrimeiro eu vou postar os downloadsVídeo-AulaDownloadProgramas VBox / WinSCP e no IP usados na Vídeo-AulaDownloadServer PwServer-SuporteGM.part1.rarDownloadPwServer-Suporte...
by Games Modificados on Mar 13, 2012

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