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White Carrots

Acronyms are useful in a complex world, although they are frequently opaque to outsiders. Taking a new job you’re found constantly swimming in an alphabet soup of abbreviations that can drown you as easily as ABC. Each the church has … Contin...

Security In Christ

DAY 229 – 18th August 2011   There is a subject that never fails to stimulate healthy (and unhealthy) debate: Security of Salvation.   When we are saved through Christ will we always be... Want to have a challenging time in online Bible...
by phorgiven on Aug 18, 2011

The Discipline of Dying

Over the past year (or maybe even longer) I've been working on writing here and there when I have the spare time. The end goal: a new book on the Sovereignty of God. I'm excited to announce that it's nearly complete, but that's not really the point...
by RE: Think on Sep 8, 2009

Friday’s Favorite Posts

Today is Friday, and I do not have much work to do, so I thought I would share some reading material with you all. First off, Wall Watcher Extraordinaire has posted a little diddy about that young kid who just didn’t want to go to church. Step...
by The Church of Jesus Christ on Jul 31, 2009

An Attitude the Same as Christ: Learning from the Kenosis

I read an article this week related to the topic at-hand: Jesus is Fully Human, from the Desiring God blog. In it, the author walks through a simple progression of concepts from the simplest to grasp to the most profound. Jesus had a human body. Jesu...
by RE: Think on Jan 13, 2009

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