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PETMAN Robot Canggih Amerika Berbentuk Manusia

Seperti pada film - film fiksi ilmiah, itulah robot PETMAN robot yang mempunyai bentuk seperti manusia. Rencana awal untuk prototipe robot ini sementara di gunakan untuk menguji pakaian pelindung untuk manusia dalam hal ini militer, agar dapat mengak...
by poguman on Mar 12, 2014

The Drill Down 273: The Balcony is Closed

This week, Facebook Home, Anonymous hacks North Korea, Thunderbolt gets bolt-ier, Google Fiber rolls out to Austin, Bitcoin hits a bubble, Wikileaks wants to make a ‘Library of Congress’ of secret government documents, and we say goodbye to Roger...
by Geeks of Doom on Apr 12, 2013

Boston Dynamics Takes Center Stage In New DARPA Challenge

DARPA announces an incredible new robotics challenge, and teams up with Boston Dynamics to furnish competitors with bleeding-edge humanoid technology!
by Plastic Pals on Apr 16, 2012

2011: Year in Review

A list of our favorite robot developments from the past year.
by Plastic Pals on Dec 30, 2011

SankakuComplex, and the art(?) of scandalization

Issac Newton once said, it was only by standing on the shoulders of giants, did he see further. Similarly, when in doubt I often find myself reading other blogs trying to find information. Recently, I stumbled upon an article by … Continue read...

Boston-Dynamics release superb video of its PETMAN bipedal robot

If you were tasked with testing clothing that was designed to guard troopers from chemical weapons it goes while not saying that you just would not dress an actual person up in those garments then hearth chemicals at them. If you only place those gar...
by Latest Technology Review on Nov 2, 2011

PETMAN: A Revolution in Humanoid Robots

Boston Dynamics unveils a more complete version of its bipedal robot PETMAN.
by Plastic Pals on Nov 1, 2011

Is MABEL Really The Fastest Bipedal Robot Ever?

An examination of MABEL's running.
by Plastic Pals on Aug 17, 2011

Fantásticos Robôs Militares

Em décadas anteriores, tivemos fantasias que por esta altura, os robôs estariam fazendo nosso trabalho e todas as tarefas de nossa casa para que pudessemos viver uma vida de luxo. Nós ainda não chegamos lá, mas os robôs já começaram a fazer c...
by Tu visse isso? on Nov 22, 2009

OK – I’m officially freaked out – vid of Stevo’s cousin!

The first Terminator has always been one of my fave flicks (1). A killer robot intent on changing the future by changing the past really got my attention. Arnie was über-cool and Linda Hamilton was pretty hot. But the concept was pretty out there --...
by Trashy's World on Oct 29, 2009

HAL Has a Body

This Army biped might be Terminator's first ancestor.
by Sizzle in Science on Oct 28, 2009

The PetMan biped robot is amazing

Remember the BigDog quadruped robot that does not appear to be disrupted by a kick that it took on the side, and was able to maintain its balance? The same people behind the BigDog robot created PetMan, and this biped version can dynamically balanc...

Video: Boston Dynamics’ Petman Is the Creepy Bipedal Evolution of Big Dog

The latest innovation to come out of the Boston Dynamics labs is the Petman--a two-legged, upright robot that simulates the walking motion of human beings. And like its quadruped cousin the BigDog , this thing is equally creepy/hilarious (check out t...
by Technology Review on Oct 26, 2009

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