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Top 10 Photos of 2015

It is always great looking back over the photos of the year. So many memories and so much fun. 2015 was the year in which I ditched my DSLR during our England trip, and opted for the easier-to-use-and-carry handphone and ipad. In December, as usual,...
by Our home called Kuantan on Jan 10, 2016

Top Ten Photos of 2014

2014 was not such an adventuresome year for us as previous years have been. We did jet off to Kuching for a family visit, and enjoyed a couple of trips to KL, but that was about it. My top ten photos this year are exclusively from Kuantan and KL, and...
by Our home called Kuantan on Jan 5, 2015

Petronas Towers: The Crown Jewel of Kuala Lumpur

Have you been to Petronas Towers? What can you say about the iconic towers of Kuala Lumpur?Petronas Towers, also known as Petronas Twin Towers or Menara Petronas in Malay is one of the highlights of my solo trip in Malaysia. It was recognized as tall...
by Travel Tropa on Jul 7, 2014

Heading back to KLCC via KL Tower

Well, I headed to the Central Market today. Did not buy much ao I decided tp find the Jamek Masjid and then head to my hotel.  Since my 3G plan ran out so I decided to use the Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower to find my way back to KLCC. After...
by on Jun 30, 2014

KL Gallery - Favourite photos from March KL trip

In March 2014 we took my parents to KL and these are my favourite photos I took from that trip.
by Our home called Kuantan on May 25, 2014

Petronas Twin Towers - KL Gallery #5

There is no better sight in KL than the iconic Petronas Twin Towers illuminated magnificently at night. I could spend the whole night staring up at this architectural and structural wonder. Breathtaking!
by Our home called Kuantan on May 1, 2014

Life Never Stops - KL Gallery #1

In the shadow of a new development, the Petronas Twin Towers remain the focal point of KL and serve to inspire further construction. As the banner below the monorail track says, "Life Never Stops."...
by Our home called Kuantan on Apr 24, 2014

Trip to Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand

It’s good to be back in the Philippines. I’m so excited to blog all my experiences in four countries I explored which include Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. These four Asian countries are blessed with some of the finest tourist attra...
by Travel Tropa on Feb 28, 2014

KLCC at night

We made sure to visit the iconic Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) on our recent trip to the capital. Who is not amazed when staring up at these magnificent towers illuminated in splendor at night? Here are some photos I took of...
by Our home called Kuantan on Nov 29, 2013

Kuala Lumpur (KL) trip 22-25 November, 2013

As payment for doing another proofreading job for The Majestic Hotel, we enjoyed a 4D 3N stay and this time brought our great friends along with us where we enjoyed the connecting rooms provided.The pinnacle of the Petronas Twin Towers, KLCCWe also l...
by Our home called Kuantan on Nov 26, 2013

Top 5 Tallest Buildings In The World

Architecture and construction has totally evolved many buildings around the world and the skyline of many cities. We have seen huge and tall buildings created which rise to the sky and are a tribute to how far we have come. Some of the tallest buildi...
by 1HitProperty on Mar 8, 2013


MALAYSIA: INTERESTING FACTS     Brief History: This heaven on earth is a Muslim estate situated in south East Asia region. Malaya made its mark in 1957 on world map; but after the decision of federal union which included Singapore, Sabah a...
by The Entertainment Blog on Feb 11, 2013

Kuala Lumpur Travel Guide, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is the capital Of Malaysia. There’s a fair bit of greenery here, from the Lake Gardens and Taman Titiwangsa sanctuaries in the city centre to the wider expanses of Templar Park and the cool hill station of Genting The post Kuala Lumpur...
by tourism journal on Jan 9, 2013

My Journey to Kuantan - Part 3 - Missing Malaysia

If you missed earlier parts of the story, you can catch up by clicking these links:PART 1 - RAISED IN ENGLAND (1982-2002)PART 2 - SERVING AS A VOLUNTEER (2002-2004)Upon returning to England from my 2-year volunteer service, I went through a short per...
by Our home called Kuantan on Sep 12, 2012

The Twin Towers of Asia

Note:  The information in this piece is a mix of research and personal experience.  I’ve been to the shopping mall at the Petronas Towers, but I didn’t get to go to the top of the towers. This was a practice piece that I wrote when I w...
by Age of the Diary on Jul 29, 2012

Bye Bye Malaysia!

Time to say bye bye to Malaysia. I had a great time at Kuala Lumpur with the MITBCA. Wish I had a few more days to spend here. But the Everest Base Camp plan was a long standing one, and after eating all the Malaysian food, I really need to trek. So...
by Travel Tales from India on May 9, 2012

Petronas Twin Towers with the Moon

As I was coming back (with Anuradha) from a trip to China Town at Kuala Lumpur, this was the site that greeted us at the train station. We can see Petronas Towers from Seri Pacific Hotel. So we ran to the concierge and asked if there was a place wit...
by Travel Tales from India on May 7, 2012

Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia’s Most Famous Landmark

What do you think when you heard about Malaysia? yes, it must be the Petronas Twin Towers, the famous landmark of Malaysia. When you step in or plan a vacation in Malaysia, the first thing that you should do is visiting the Petronas Twin Towers. Situ...
by Beautiful Tourism on Apr 22, 2012

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