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McKesson Pharmacy Management Software and Services - EnterpriseRx

EnterpriseRx, a real-time, next-generation pharmacy software system, was built entirely from the ground up using the latest technology standards to give pharmacies flexibility, control and scalability while reducing costs and advancing patient safety...
by Pharmacy Software System on Jan 5, 2011

RX-30 - Transaction Data Systems

HistoryTransaction Data Systems (TDS) was founded in January, 1977. Although the original focus was high end data communications software to the Airline reservation industry and Automated Teller Systems, TDS quickly found it’s calling in the Pharma...
by Pharmacy Software System on Jan 5, 2011

FSI Pharmacy Management System

SI Pharmacy Management SystemThe FSI Pharmacy Management Software is a PC based retail pharmacy management system designed specifically for community pharmacies, hospital outpatient pharmacies & closed door care pharmacies. Find out why thou...
by Pharmacy Software System on Jan 5, 2011

FrameworkLTC - Long Term Care & Institutional Facility System

FrameworkLTC®FrameworkLTC is a complete pharmacy management solution designed specifically for the business process of pharmacies servicing long term care and institutional facilities. Learn more...PharmScan.NETA companion product to FrameworkLTC th...
by Pharmacy Software System on Jan 3, 2011

Cerner Etreby - Complete Pharmacy Management System

For more than two decades, Cerner Etreby has distinguished itself as the one-stop technology provider for retail pharmacy.  Whether you require e-prescribing, electronic remittance reconciliation, or long-term care capabilities, our fu...
by Pharmacy Software System on Jan 3, 2011

WinRx Pharmacy Management System

WinRx is a true 32-bit Windows pharmacy program optimized to run on the Windows XP/Vista-Business/Windows 7 Platform. Designed to utilize the latest technologies and to adapt to future ones, WinRx offers the most advanced management features, while m...
by Pharmacy Software System on Jan 3, 2011

ProScript Pharmacy System by Lexicom Computer Systems

LexiCom Computer Systems, LLC has been providing independent pharmacies with affordable Pharmacy System solutions for over 29 years. The ProScript Pharmacy System is an easy to use, fully integrated package that includes prescription dispensing, prof...
by Pharmacy Software System on Jan 3, 2011

BestRx Pharmacy Management System

Since 1985, Best Computer Systems has been providing community pharmacies with quality and affordable technology solutions. Our main product, the BestRx Pharmacy Management System, is an easy to use yet feature rich system with advanced capabilities...
by Pharmacy Software System on Jan 3, 2011

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