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Favorite Photo of the Day: Sailing

We can always make money but we can't always make memories. Travel while you still can. Enjoy life. ...
by Random Thoughts on Aug 5, 2016

Photo of the day August 2016

Nun endlich ist es mal wieder soweit und es gibt einen neuen „Photo of the day“-Beitrag. Lange hat er pausiert, nun versuchen wir wieder ein wenig öfter, euch ein paar unserer Fotos zu präsentieren. Unsere Ausrüstung: Nikon D5000 mit N...
by Aktiv durch das Leben on Aug 5, 2016

A Wrinkled Eye

The elegant eye of a Wrinkled Hornbill.
by Wild Eye View on Jul 31, 2016

Sunday Musing: Endless Sea of Thought

We are but a soul sailing the endless sea of thought. We always seek answers that lead to another Never ending cycle of questioning our beliefs, Our morality, the essence of our being. We are but a dolphin, swimming in the depths...
by Random Thoughts on Jul 24, 2016

Photo of the day: Creative Hen cake complete with eggs

As seen on cake business Facebook group. Cake baked and designed by Abimbola RufaiSubscribe to my feed This is just a brief summary, visit my site for full details, content, pictures and more.
by Typearls lifestyle on Jul 21, 2016

Photo of the day: Its a dab!

This photo shows a couple and their bridal train, including grooms men and brides maids decided to take the dabbing movement a step higher, while some dabbed left, others dabbed right. Nice way to... This is just a brief summary, visit my site www.t...
by Typearls lifestyle on Jul 17, 2016

A Frosty Fish Eagle Morning

An early morning flight of a Fish Eagle at a frosty Lake Panic in Kruger National Park.
by Wild Eye View on Jun 25, 2016

Food of the day(Photo)! Tuwo,Gbegiri and ewedu

Food: Tuwo (Rice flour) Soup: Gbegiri (Bean soup) and Ewedu  Accompaniments: Round fish(Panla, stockfish), Mackerel or titus fish (Alaran) Ponmo (Animal hide), Offals( Liver, Saki, ),... This is just a brief summary, visit my site www.typearl...
by Typearls lifestyle on Jun 11, 2016

Photo of the day Juni 2016

Im Mai haben wir soviel erlebt, deswegen kamen die Bilder hier zu kurz. Wir werden versuchen den Juni wieder mit Bildern zu füllen. Wir fotografieren mit der Nikon D5000 und D5300, neben den Kompakten von Sony und Canon sind auch unsere Handys im Ei...
by Aktiv durch das Leben on Jun 1, 2016

Photo of the day April 2016

Und wieder ein neuer Monat mit hoffentlich vielen neuen Fotos. Die Wandersaison geht so langsam wieder richtig los, dabei werden wir wieder das ein oder andere schöne Foto mitbringen. Aber auch in und ums Haus gibt es interessante Dinge zu sehen. Fo...
by Aktiv durch das Leben on Apr 2, 2016

A Qantas Rooscape

What do you do when a kangaroo hops past as the sun rises. You photograph it and hope for the best!
by Wild Eye View on Mar 30, 2016


A Black Winged Stilt gently wades its way to breakfast.
by Wild Eye View on Mar 12, 2016

Photo of the day März 2016

Nun ist schon März, viele neue Bilder gibt es noch nicht. Wir haben jedoch ein großes Archiv.
by Aktiv durch das Leben on Mar 8, 2016

A Harlequin Gem

I always find it amazing that the smallest of the world’s creatures, be they bugs like this Hibiscus Harlequin Bug, birds, fish, butterflies, lizards etc somehow are often the most colorful while the big stuff is rather drab.
by Wild Eye View on Mar 5, 2016

Almost Dainty

Almost Dainty. This Dainty Swallowtail Butterfly in the making has been chewing up the leaves of my lime tree!
by Wild Eye View on Mar 4, 2016

Gardening : Writing

Is gardening like writing?This is what Carl Lennertz of HarperCollins Publishing wrote in his blog Publishing Insider:"....every 5 years or so, I get a truckload of topsoil dropped off so I can elevate a corner of the yard or start a new flower...
by serenity in the garden on Feb 22, 2016

An Eye for Yellow Eyes

The sharp yellow eyes of a Yellow Mongoose staring the camera out. Just what I like!
by Wild Eye View on Feb 20, 2016

Coleus - Gorgeous, Versatile and Easy to Grow

'Pineapple Splash' Coleus - photo by Jan JohnsenI have had a love affair with coleus ever since I grew it in plastic pots on a windowsill in a small New York city apartment as a teenager.Back then there were maybe 6 varieties of coleus avai...
by serenity in the garden on Feb 13, 2016

I Wisp I Was a Wasp

Paper Wasps are common throughout Australia and are known for a painful sting. The moral of the story is don’t annoy them or interfere with their nest.
by Wild Eye View on Jan 30, 2016

The Nosy Horse

So there I was, photographing an old farmyard barn when this nosy horse walks over to check what’s going on!
by Wild Eye View on Jan 25, 2016

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