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Get ready for the battle Royal

dont get afraid because in a society , minority is stronger. - Minority is more fearless with strong foundation .
by VOYEUR'S VISION on Aug 17, 2014

Sense of Togetherness

I am just an ordinary "f*ck head", who tried to be competitive-the righteous way I knew, but I was wrong - and so now, I change my plan - not to be a competitive person but a resilient one, wherein I have to adapt depending on the environment.
by VOYEUR'S VISION on Aug 17, 2014

How do most girls feel about receiving flowers?

In my long and wierd life I've learnt 2 things,  1. flowers always inpress women, regardless of what they say. Don't try and use flowers to apologise for something: it will make her think you've done something wrong when you next buy her flower...
by VOYEUR'S VISION on Jun 15, 2014

Lenten Special : Senakulo or Passion Play

The Passion Play is a dramatic presentation depicting the Passion of Jesus Christ: his trial, suffering and death. It is a traditional part of Lent in several Christian denominations, particularly in Catholic tradition.The senakulo is traditionally p...
by VOYEUR'S VISION on Apr 15, 2014

Can you Define Sexiness?

I think it's personal, but here's what does it for me ... Or you could listen to the Woodnymphs.I don't usually think of people on TV, magazines, etc., as 'sexy' because for me it has to be a personal relationship ...For me,Sexiness is the spectrum o...
by VOYEUR'S VISION on Mar 31, 2014

All I can Say is "ANG GALING"

I was browsing the feeds of my facebook when i stumbled upon this picture of these six men at the pool area. The picture was cartooned and it is really visually great."Ang Galing!"I just want to share you guys this amazing photo.Try to compare it, Wh...
by VOYEUR'S VISION on Mar 30, 2014

29 Spelling Mistakes from India that will make you cry,, laugh and gag

1. Welcome, leadies and jents!2. Gents, you may wash your hands here. 3. How about a quick launch?4. I’d like mine without cheese, thanks.5. Chaineeeeeeeese takeout? 6. Moms makes the best moms. 7. EVERYTHING IS SO TESTY! YUM!8. Past...
by VOYEUR'S VISION on Feb 22, 2014

25 Really Creative Floor Sticker Ad

Creative Ideas from crazy minds but it is more effective in advertising , right?
by VOYEUR'S VISION on Feb 22, 2014

Before and After: Random Amazing Images of Plastic Surgery in Korea

These are amazing transformation, I hope i can also enhance my look like what koreans did.
by VOYEUR'S VISION on Feb 22, 2014

5 best Friends take the same picture during a 30 year Span - Amazing!

It is said that friendship is one the best treasures a person could ever find in life. If you have at least one really good friend who’s been with you through thick and thin, then you are already quite lucky. Now, imagine having more than just one...
by VOYEUR'S VISION on Feb 20, 2014

Winner Winner

4PM  Update: For the first time ever I am one of the spotlight from Aminus! I had spotlight colors in the past (but not for a long time) but never a spotlight spotlight! \o/ I’m no rock star and am not ready to sell my soul in order to gain a...

Photoblogs: A Child's Smile

It's been a while since my last photoblog. I happened to post 2 sets only. If you would like to see it again or haven't seen it yet here's the link. 1st & 2nd. I seldom took photos of people as a subject. As you can see for my first and...

Photoblogs: A Thought To Ponder

This was taken at UP Diliman where we always have a photo walk.Light bulb inside the houseAnother shot from UP DilimanThis is my moms orchid :DThis was taken when we were at the mall and this is the view.Here's a quick post before I go to school. The...
by Jabberyjays In My Little Haven on Oct 29, 2012

Prince Harry's Photo Scandal is now trending Online

Disgraceful or Awesome? When I checked my Blog ( Aug 23,2012 ) to update it, I was wondering why is that my past posts about Prince Harry and Prince William photo blog became most popular in just one day compare to those other posts that ar...
by VOYEUR'S VISION on Aug 24, 2012

I Believe The Children In The Future

CAPTION THIS DRAMATIC CAPTURED MOMENT  dalawang mag kaibang landas ang tinatahak, pilit na pinapaliwanag ng pagiging bata ang ang tunay na patutunguhan, nararamdaman , nakikita at natatanaw sa larawang ito ang dalawang landas ng pinapatunguhan n...
by VOYEUR'S VISION on Jul 29, 2012

PhotoBlog Search Engine Optimization: An intensive guide

PhotoBlog SEO Image by: Majid ( PhotoDen ) So are you a photographer, or an artist (whether digital or traditional painter) and are running a blog. Well this post is to give a little information about the process of search … Continue reading &#...
by Information Cell on Apr 18, 2012

Project iPhoneography

Posted in ArticlesThe Project Project iPhoneography is my latest attempt for a photoblog (yes, I had numerous attempts in the past…). I always had a passion for photography. I love taking pictures, capturing priceless moments as they happen and br...
by Densyo's Den on Feb 17, 2012

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