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2014 Stock Picking Contest Q1 Results

I guess I could have published this piece yesterday, except I’m (spoiler alert!) not in last place, and therefore everyone would have thought it was a bad April Fool’s joke. Well the joke’s on them, because every April Fool’s...
by Financial Uproar on Apr 2, 2014

Hair Pulling is a mental illness- trichotillomania

By David Joel Miller Hair-Pulling Disorder – Trichotillomania Yes Hair-Pulling Disorder, the repetitive uncontrolled kind of hair pulling is a mental health issue. Humans are not the only creatures who result to this kind of self-mutilation whe...
by counseolrssoapbox on Apr 2, 2014

Tips In Picking A Better Optometrist

By Leticia Jensen Some of the people nowadays have been doing their best so that they can take good care of themselves. They will eat the right fruits and vegetables and at the same time have a frequent exercise. Because of this, it will be easier fo...
by Health Tips And Tricks on Mar 23, 2014

17-Year-Old Girl gets surprise ride from High School in Lamborghini Aventador (Video)

How would one feel if they had a Lamborghini Aventador? That is car not many own but everybody desires to. A better experience still would be to own one and drive around in one. But how about a back to home ride from school in one? Well, the same cam...
by Bharath Autos on Mar 23, 2014

Picking Out The Varieties Of Hair Extension

By Paul Campbell Various Types Of Hair Extensions You can Decide on If you want to look fabulous by changing your hairstyle it can easily be done these days. Long ago, the utilization of hair extensions wasn’t that well-known still. Thanks to t...
by Health Tips And Tricks on Mar 12, 2014

Fun Filled Day @ Strawberry Farm! :)

STRAWBERRY FARM! Finally!!! Strawberry Farm is actually in La Trinidad already.. I think it's around 20 minutes away from Baguio City. You can ride a jeepney but if you have a tight schedule like us, then I suggest just take a cab. If I'm not mi...

5 Mistakes Men Make in The Bar and Club Scene

Go to to hear all the game on sex, dating and relationships from Mr. Locario I KNOW YOU'RE TIRED OF WASTING TIME, MONEY AND ENERGY ON WOMEN AND GETTING NO RESULTS. CLICK THE PICTURES BELOW to get the critically acclaimed book "How...
by I look Sexy Naked on Feb 18, 2014


Several of you have told me you enjoy the “tips” I have posted on the site.  Here’s a handy tip for your information.  You will be able to “share” these by clicking on the words ”Handy Food Tip” at the top of the post, look under the...
by The Southern Lady Cooks on Feb 16, 2014

How To Approach A Group Of Women

Check out this clip from my DVD How to Pick Up and Date Multiple Women. In this video I'm talking about how to approach a group of women. Check it out. How To Approach A Group Of Women from mrlocario on Vimeo. Click here to get this DVD. Go to www.Mr...
by I look Sexy Naked on Feb 13, 2014

Picking Wholesale Bath And Body Supplies To Sell From Your Business

By Nelda Powers It is normally possible to choose from many wholesale bath and body supplies as an entrepreneur. If you have a business in this industry, it is important to choose the best ones that you can sell. There may be a few aspects to conside...
by Health Tips And Tricks on Feb 10, 2014

Guidelines For Picking The Best Hair Salons In Waterbury CT

By Marissa Velazquez When it comes to your beauty needs, you cannot just visit any facility. This is because a wrong stylist can actually ruin your appearance. Therefore, you have to ensure that you go to a place that will cater for all your needs an...
by Health Tips And Tricks on Feb 3, 2014

Tips In Picking A Weight Loss Clinic

By Eliza Mendoza Whenever you will be planning to choose a weight loss clinic Minnesota, you will have to be careful in making a choice. There will be some important things that you have to consider so that you can find one that will suit your tastes...
by Health Tips And Tricks on Feb 2, 2014

15 Signs She’s Interested In You (Sneak Preview)

Here is a clip from my new audio program 15 Signs She's Interested In You. Check it out below. 15 Signs She's Interested In You from mrlocario on Vimeo. Click Here To Become A Member. Go to to hear all the game on sex, dating and...
by I look Sexy Naked on Feb 1, 2014

Finger Stretching & Strengthening Exercises for Playing Guitar

Guitar playing can be painful to your fingers, especially when you are starting out. Here are some effective finger stretching & strengthening exercises to help you cope with Guitar playing. Learning the guitar may be “cool” but not...
by Pro Learn Guitar on Feb 1, 2014

Picking Wholesale Bath And Body Supplies To Sell From Your Business

By Nelda Powers There are numerous wholesale bath and body supplies that you can purchase from the right distributor. When you have a business, it is important to select the most appropriate ones. Perhaps your company focuses on a certain line of pro...
by Health Tips And Tricks on Jan 25, 2014

Picking The Right Nutrition Data Source

By Frank Hayes Making daily dietary decisions is a major proponent of ensuring health and weight levels are as effectively managed as possible. Most people discover that they are unaware of all that is necessary when being certain their daily meal pr...
by Health Tips And Tricks on Jan 23, 2014

Pickling vinegar hd wallpaper

Pickling vinegar hd wallpaper What Is Pickling Vinegar, latest Collection of Food Bottles & Canning Jars high quality Wallpaper. Full HD white vinegar Wallpaper design.
by Sarah Polan on Jan 22, 2014

How to Draw a Girl Picking Flowers for Valentines Day or Mothers Day

Learn to draw a cartoon little girl picking flowers to give to someone she loves very much. We will guide you thru drawing this cute girl. It might look hard to draw her, but it is very easy. We will guide you with easy steps.
by Drawing How to Draw on Jan 9, 2014

2014 Stock Picking Contest Selections

Finally, it’s the moment I’ve been hinting at for at least the last 5,839 days! It’s the 3rd annual Financial Uproar stock picking contest, or NAMBLA for short. Because hey, I know you don’t have time to pick your own damn sto...
by Financial Uproar on Jan 6, 2014

Final Results of the 2013 Stock Picking Contest

There was a stock picking contest. You may have heard of it, unless you’re drunk all the time and can barely remember not to soil yourself. That might happen. It was just New Year’s Eve, after all. A little over a year ago, I asked 12 of...
by Financial Uproar on Jan 2, 2014

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