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(by Studio Razavi, via D Pages) A natural touch was brought to the restoration of this 19th century Paris apartment by Studio Razavi, whose pre-Haussmanian architecture is quite remarkable (see the hardwood floors especially). These incredible floors...
by Thou Swell on Dec 6, 2016

The City Apartment {it’s closing day!}

Chances are I won’t be posting on ABCDDesign much this week. After the closing this morning, I’ve got an apartment renovation to apply for! If you are interested, you can feel free to follow my real-time posts on instagram and tumblr.
by ABCD Design on Oct 15, 2013

"A mai topánka" rovat

Hétvégi mászkáláshoz szeretem a kényelmesebb szandálokat, papucsokat, így amikor megvettem ezt a Pied a Terre masnis sarut, azt gondoltam, milyen jó vétel volt. Lelkesedésem az első használatig... ...olvasd tovább a blogon!
by Topánka - cipőblog on Jun 5, 2011

Profiling a Pied a Terre

Fun isn't it, to sometimes peer into the living spaces of other people, but when they are anonymous,our imaginations will complete thestory.Having not danced in her shoes, it could be difficult to get to know her.How old do you think she is?Her wardr...
by Country French Antiques on Mar 16, 2009

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