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Judge Deep Pie Maker Review

It's that time of the year again! Cold, windy, rainy, Christmas is on the horizon, so let's stop for a warm comforting pie using the Judge Deep Pie Maker which will make a lovely homely gift. Here at Kitchen Delights we love pies and it doesn't matte...
by Kitchen Delights on Nov 26, 2015

Apple and Raspberry Pie: Recipe

Deep filled apple and raspberry pie fresh from the ovenIt's British Pie Week from 2-8 March and I love a good pie, whether it's an apple pie that has to be served with Birds Custard, otherwise hubby sulks, or a chicken and leek pie served with a pot...
by Kitchen Delights on Mar 5, 2015

Lemon Meringue Pie - Recipe

My miniature daffodils are about to come out in bloom, the sun has shone at least a couple of times this week and I am still hopeful the dead patch on the front lawn, where the skip sat for a few weeks, will suddenly spring into life and we'll see so...
by Kitchen Delights on Feb 22, 2014

Christmas Mini Mince Pies

I love a good mince pie, made with a buttery flaky pastry and lots of mincemeat inside. The filling can't have any peel, nuts of any description and definitely not a fresh cranberry in sight. The mincemeat must have lots of Brandy added to...
by Kitchen Delights on Dec 1, 2012

Cherry Pies and Review: Chicago Metallic Bakeware

My pan from Chicago Metallic is part of their Speciality Bakeware range. I used mine to make these delicious individual cherry pies, the recipe is by Nigella Lawson from How to Eat. I'm a huge fan of the Chicago Metallic Speciality Bakeware range an...
by Kitchen Delights on Apr 9, 2012

Plum, Apple and Blackberry One Crust Pie

I really like these one crust pies, they always look so comforting and inviting. This recipe is by the Hairy Bikers' from their book Perfect Pies - some may say it isn't a pie because it hasn't got a lid but Delia Smith has a similar recipe in The Su...
by Kitchen Delights on Mar 9, 2012

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