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Top 5 Workout Alternatives

Lazy days are inevitable. Sometimes, no matter how motivated you are to get fit, you will want to skip a day of working out. Last week, the gym in our condominium went under renovation and I had no other choice but to borrow my housemates’ equ...
by The Little Binger on Jul 11, 2016

Summertime, Yoga Time + Favourite Asanas (Part 1)

Summer… It’s hot. It’s freaky, devilishly hot! It’s so hot and sunny that you almost see flames wrapping you up and a devil mocking at you and your sweaty sufferings. The only thing your half-boiled brain could think about is how lovely i...
by Simply Marina on Jul 2, 2016

A Great App for Practicing Yoga during Pregnancy!

A Great App for Practicing Yoga during Pregnancy In collaboration with Gotta Joga Prenatal. When I was pregnant with my first baby I started with so much anxiety about childbirth. Would labour be painful? Would my… View Post The post A Great...
by on Jun 1, 2016

Altering schedule creates domino effect

I think I forgot to say that they stretched out my internal sunburn even further, to every three weeks. They are pleased with the progress that I have made in the year that I have been doing this so that is why I get to go less frequently. (I have be...

Pilates Nedir, Neden Yapılmalıdır, Faydaları Nelerdir?

Pilates Nedir, Neden Yapılmalıdır, Faydaları Nelerdir? Sorularının Detaylı Cevaplarını Alan Herdmana Sorular Sorarak Konumuzda Sizlere Detaylıca Anlatacağız Karşınızda Alan Herdman   S: Neden hepimizin pilates yapması gerekiyor?
by Pembe on Feb 27, 2016

Money Can Buy Happiness!

Better Blueprint The post Money Can Buy Happiness! appeared first on Washington, DC Personal Stylist & Blogger.
by Blueprint for Style on Feb 26, 2016

#MUMSCORNER | Rutina de ejercicios para embarazadas VOL I

¡Buenos días! Hoy les traigo el primer video de una serie de videos dedicados a mantener la forma durante el embarazo y recuperarnos tras el parto. Hoy es el turno de las embarazadas (aunque estos... Best fashion blog! More visiting http://www.mar...
by Marilyn's Closet on Feb 21, 2016

Pilates exercises or Yoga take your pick

Today the scope of wellness and fitness has advanced way during the regular and standard gym sessions. Today, there‘s a large sort of fitness options to select from being an alternative to gym workouts and achieving fitness. The most famous and fav...
by super healthy diet on Nov 30, 2015

Beachbody Ready: A Fitness Journey with PiYo and Focus T25!

The Internet has made it possible once again for me to discover one of the things that I desperately need during this time of my life. After all the parties and the major shift to a domesticated lifestyle, I have to be honest in admitting that I have...
by Basta Igat, Sikat! by MyMaria on Nov 17, 2015

Sunday morning wanderings

I usually go to Maggie's spinning class Sunday mornings at the Holyoke Y. It is quite a wake-up call and energizing and fun. But it did not happen today, so, for a total change of pace, I went to an alignment-based yoga class at the Hampshire Regiona...

Day 15: A mess up

I was doing so well and today I messed up on my food! Dave left this morning to go on a finishing trip and won't be back until Friday and I won't be able to call him as there is no cell phone service where they are. I kinda got a little emotional and...
by Brought To You By Em on Aug 24, 2015

Day 11: Closer Every Day!

Like the title says, "Closer Everyday". Dave watched me do Pilates Fix today and praised me on my hard work and said that a month ago I was not working out that hard or having that much stamina throughout the workout. Little comments like that make t...
by Brought To You By Em on Aug 20, 2015

Day 4: The Day of Pain

Well I absolutely hate Pilates Fix. My hips just cannot take the pressure and feel like they are going to pop out of joint every time I do this workout. Last night I was in so much back pain I had to take advil to get to sleep but that may not be fro...
by Brought To You By Em on Aug 13, 2015

5 exercícios para chapar a barriga

Com simples exercícios de pilates é possível conseguir o tão querido tanquinho!Você sabe a razão pela qual o pilates faz sucesso há mais de dez anos? Um dos motivos é porque ele isola o core, área formada por diversos músculos loc...
by Professor José Costa on Jul 23, 2015

7/14 – she WAS trying to kill us

OMG –  I ache in places I didn’t know I had….aauugghh…pilates instructor was out to get us! Breakfast – Apple & Cherries – No pilates at 12 – ok no yoga at all, I was sore plus had to turn in the VW bug...
by Me and the Damn Cat on Jul 14, 2015

A Holiday at the Martinhal Beach Resort & Hotel

I've recently returned from a incredibly relaxing and restorative break at the Martinhal Beach Resort and Hotel in Sagres, Portugal, where I spent 5 lush days away with my favourite lady, my Mum, Vasoulla. Read more...
by Honest Mum on Jul 8, 2015

Dieta Saludable para un Vientre Plano

Dieta Saludable para un Vientre Plano La grasa del vientre es a menudo visto como un reflejo de los malos hábitos alimenticios y falta de ejercicio. Sin embargo, siempre existe la esperanza de que se puede revertir la grasa siguiendo una dieta salu...
by Somos Vida y Salud on Jul 6, 2015

Wirksamkeit von Pilates bei Rückenschmerzen

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by Wirksam oder unwirksam? on Jul 6, 2015

Maneras Saludables para Bajar de Peso

Maneras Saludables para Bajar de Peso ¿Es usted consciente de que las maneras saludables para bajar de peso son las más fáciles de perder peso? Sé que usted quiere perder peso rápido, pero le gustaría tener éxito a largo plazo o el éxito a c...
by Somos Vida y Salud on Jul 5, 2015

3 Mejores Ejercicios de Pilates para un Vientre Plano

3 Mejores Ejercicios de Pilates para un Vientre Plano ¿Quieres un vientre plano y firme? Muchas personas tratan nuevos ejercicios y los programas de dieta para ayudar a conseguir un abdomen plano. Como Instructor de Pilates encontré estos ejercic...
by Somos Vida y Salud on Jul 2, 2015

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