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Best Places of Interest in Hyderabad

The city was established by Mohammed Quill Qutb Shah for nearly a century before the Mughals captured the region. The relics of Qutb Shahi and Nizam rule are still visible with the Charminar which symbolises this city.  Golconda Fort is another majo...
by best places of interest on May 24, 2016

Reader Submission: Chiara Bakker – Japan In A Flash

Enjoy a nice little glimpse into Japan with Holland’s Chiara Bakker, in her recent travels amidst Tokyo, Atami, Kyoto, and Osaka! There’s nothing wrong with commentary videos, but sometimes it’s just a lot more soothing and tranquil...
by Japanrealm on Nov 21, 2015

Capcom Cafe Coming to Saitama This November for Hungry Gamers

Hungry gamers will soon be able to satisfy both their hunger and need for gaming with the planned production of this nifty looking Capcom Cafe. Will there be Hadouken cake? Despite opening up this November, details on the Capcom Cafe are disappointin...
by Japanrealm on Oct 27, 2015

Halloween By Nissan Means Free Taxi Rides From Monsters in Shibuya, Japan

While Japan still doesn’t have trick or treating, they are indeed expanding every year with their Halloween festivities. More Halloween parades, zombie walks, dance parties, and taxi cabs dressed up as monsters to take you where you need to go.
by Japanrealm on Oct 26, 2015

Osaka’s Pokemon Expo Gym Will Let Us Talk & Breathe Fire with Charizard

Japan already has Pokemon Centers in Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, and Sapporo. However, we have yet to see too much outside of the merchandise. Perhaps we could see the monsters in their gym, where they train, socialize and teach us how to breathe fire?
by Japanrealm on Oct 23, 2015

Japan Celebrates Back To The Future Day via Five Pop Up Cafes

Today is indeed the day that Marty McFly traveled to when it was considered the future. This requires celebrations, binge film re-watching, and eating DeLorean cake in Japan. Yep, Japan is also a huge fan of Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly in the Back...
by Japanrealm on Oct 21, 2015

New Tsukiji Fish Market Plans Make it Unrecognizable from Predecessor

Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market is one of Japan’s largest gatherings in all of Tokyo for both locals and tourists. However, it has long been under preparation for a renewal. Renderings for the market’s plans are starting to surface, wh...
by Japanrealm on Oct 13, 2015

Ginza, Japan Bookstore Offers One Book Per Week, Surprisingly Genius Idea

When visiting a bookstore you expect to search for a particular title or get lost in the wide selection before you. You never go with intentions of visiting only to browse a whopping selection of one book. However, the results of creating a bookstor...
by Japanrealm on Sep 11, 2015

How to Survive Japan’s Biggest Comic Market Comiket 88 Without Being Blasted to Death by Giant Lasers

Japan’s largest comic market event Comiket, a half a million people convention full of anime merchandise, manga, cosplay and everything otaku, is set to take place on August 14-16. Prepare for heat, long lines, and lasers that will apparently s...
by Japanrealm on Aug 6, 2015

Japan’s Kawaii Ambassador Opening New Kawaii Monster Cafe in Shinjuku

I’m generally not interested in overly cute things (for myself), but Monster Cafe looks both awesome and delicious. Kawaii-ify me now with these sweets and lovely spoon & fork-headed ladies. Japan’s very own Sebastian Masuda is known...
by Japanrealm on Jul 21, 2015

Overhead Cables on Japanese Shopping Street Nearly Block out Sky

In a lot of ways Japan is thought of as one of the most technologically developed countries in the world. But upon viewing this particular shopping street with hundreds of dangling cables, head scratching may occur. Sometimes functionality isn̵...
by Japanrealm on Jun 30, 2015

Wild Ganguro Cafe Proves Ridiculously Tanned Skin & Vivid Fashion Lives

Japan’s interestingly odd Ganguro and Gyaru fashion has really died down over the years, leaving orange tanned skin, wild hair, and a crazy sense of fashion to only a handful of people throughout Japan. But now, gal group Black Diamond is start...
by Japanrealm on May 29, 2015

Tokyo Planetarium to Add Fake Grass & Cloud Seats for Comfort Gazing

How can you not like a planetarium? Gazing up at the stars and planets, even when they’re digital, is just a beautiful and calming thing, no? One Tokyo based planetarium aims to add to that comfort and realism of the experience, using new addit...
by Japanrealm on May 22, 2015

Take a Glimpse into Tokyo’s Akihabara in 4K HD Street View

Akihabara or “electric town” is known for being the main center of everything that is shopping when it comes to electronics. It’s also pretty much the number one spot for otakus & anime culture. So let’s take a non-narrate...
by Japanrealm on May 21, 2015

Tokyo DisneySea to get Finding Nemo Submarine Theater

We recently learned that Tokyo Disney was receiving some new zones featuring films like Frozen and Alice in Wonderland, and now we’ve heard word that Tokyo DisneySea is working on a fish-like submarine theater for their Finding Nemo attraction.
by Japanrealm on May 20, 2015

Japan’s Yoyogi Park Hosted Hundreds of Undead in 2015 Zombie Walk

I’m honestly a bit tired of zombie films at this point, being that there are so many other great neglected creatures and ideas for the horror genre. But nonetheless, I have certainly not grown tired of seeing them in real life, like at the Yoyo...
by Japanrealm on May 18, 2015

Japan’s Newest Shopping Mall Lets You Shop on the Run

Leave it to Japan to do something entirely new with a mall, which would be adding a giant running track atop of its store. Hooray! finally the boyfriends and husbands have something to do while their gf/wife shops because the man bench is always ful...
by Japanrealm on Apr 30, 2015

Japan’s Eshima Ohashi Bridge Looks Like a Downhill Slide for Cars

I used to think that walking or biking across bridges was a sightseeing experience, minus the tiring effects and dangers involved. But when looking at this bridge in Japan, I realize that I know nothing of tiring bridges. In the southwestern part of...
by Japanrealm on Apr 30, 2015

Get Your “Gundam Cut” at Gundam Hair Salon in Aomori Prefecture

What’ll it be partner? Just a little off the top? No sir, I’d like the Gundam cut. You got it, buddy. Gundam is obviously an undying mecha that continues to appear all throughout East Asia, inspiring citizens and businesses to construct l...
by Japanrealm on Apr 29, 2015

Tokyo Disney Constructing Three New Popular Areas, Frozen Included

If you thought you saw an end to the Frozen craze, think again. The phenomenon will soon be jump started all over again, as Tokyo Disney plans on creating the film inspired area along with two other massively popular Disney films zones. You may have...
by Japanrealm on Apr 29, 2015

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