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Do You Know Two Crazy Symptoms of Pneumonia for Toddlers? (& Home Remedies to Kick it Without a Prescription)

Nobody wants to go to a well-child checkup and come home with a diagnosis that could mean a hospital stay. My experience with pneumonia is pretty slim: memories of my brother being in the hospital with it for a few days when he was six and hearing of...
by Kitchen Stewardship on Mar 20, 2013

Breathing Once Again

Taking in the majesty of the Pacific.I realize I’ve been missing from the blog world for a while, but to write, I need time, energy and focus and I have not had an ounce of any of those for the past two weeks. But I've gotten those things back and...
by Eyes Peeled, Always on Mar 8, 2013

Infected with chickenpox during pregnancy

Pregnant women infected with chickenpox will have to face the risk of negative impact on the fetus. Chickenpox less common in adults, but when it occurs, the more severe complications than children. Pregnant women infected with chickenpox are at risk...
by exercises and pregnancy on Mar 7, 2013

Why do they do hip replacements on elderly people?

My 89-year old grandma just had a total hip replacement. I love my grandma, but with all the incredible health care costs in this country, why do they do these expensive operations on old people? More and more older and even sicker adults are having...
by Naples Orthopedic Surgeon on Feb 5, 2013

Obat Tradisional Penyakit Radang Paru Paru

Obat Tradisional Penyakit Radang Paru Paru Tips tentang cara mengobati dan menyembuhkan penyakit Radang Paru Paru Secara Cepat dengan Pengobatan alami herbal tradisional jelly gamat luxor yang sudah terbukti ampuh dapat menyembuhkan paru paru Penyaki...
by Obat Sehat Alami on Dec 29, 2012

What’s the Antidote After you Swallow a Hand Grenade?

My husband has Crohn’s Disease, a chronic autoimmune disorder, and he just finished a round of antibiotics for a sinus infection. Yes, we fought it naturally as long as he could stand it, but after five days knocked flat, he had to cry “u...
by Kitchen Stewardship on Dec 28, 2012

Mandela’s Infection May Be Pneumonia

Dec 11, 2012 10:52am   Email Smaller Font Text Larger Text | Print Nelson Mandela is being treated for a lung infection, a term often used synonymously with pneumonia. Elderly people are at an increased risk for infections in general — more...
by Online Media News on Dec 11, 2012

Aerosmith – Rocking Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu.

With the twin successes of Permanent Vacation and Pump, the band became an MTV sensation and Tyler became a household name. The band were featured on a “Wayne’s World” sketch on Saturday Night Live in 1990, which is ranked as the No...
by Simple.Interesting on Dec 3, 2012

Pneumococcal Vaccination: What is It, Who Should Get It, and Why?

Pneumococcal infections can cause pneumonia (infection of the lungs), bacteremia (infection of the blood), and meningitis (infection of the covering of the brain).  The CDC estimates that there are fifty thousand deaths and 1.1 million hospitali...
by hBestCompounding Pharmacy on Dec 2, 2012

Tuan Change

Earnest Presswood was born on the Canadian prairie in 1908 and came to Christ in a Sunday school class at age 11.
by Laboring In The Lord on Nov 27, 2012

Obat Pneumonia Radang Paru

Kami memberikan suatu solusi terbaik dalam hal pengobatan alami dengan obat alami terbaik bernama jelly gamatyang ampuh dapat mengatasi semua masalah apapun KHUSUSNYA radang paru-paru. Namun sebelum kami jelaskan tentang pengobatan untuk radang paru-...
by TOKO KRILL OIL on Nov 25, 2012

Will antibiotics cure a hip joint replacement infection?

I have diabetes and severe hip arthritis. I know there’s a concern about infection if I have a hip joint replacement. But what happens if I get an infection? Can’t I just take an antibiotic? Patients with diabetes are at increased risk of...
by Naples Orthopedic Surgeon on Nov 21, 2012

Sound Raising A Child Tips For Moms And Dads

Being A Parent is often a learn-as-you-go type of job. A variety of resources are available to improve parenting skills, but the most important thing is common sense. It will help you to face the challenge of being a parent. Research has shown the da...
by Parenting Advice Blog on Nov 10, 2012

The Breathing of a Nine Year Old

As the days have remained warm, my kids have suddenly gotten a cough and the sniffles that adds up to a cold. I took one boy to the minute clinic just to make sure it wasn't a sinus infection, his cough had gotten worse, and his snot was worse and th...

Ways to Treat Pneumonia

The word pneumonia actually describes one of more than 50 similar illnesses that cause inflammation of the lung tissue. Thus, pneumonia can be… more »The post Ways to Treat Pneumonia appeared first on Best Health and Fitness blog.
by Ehealthdiary on Aug 15, 2012

Pneumonia Patients With High Glucose Levels At Greater Risk Of Death

Community acquired pneumonia is one of the leading infectious disease in developed nations and is a major cause of morbidity and mortality. Now, researchers have found that patients without pre-existing diabetes who have hyperglycemia on admission to...

Pneumonia - symptoms, causes, and preventive measures

Pneumonia is a lung infection that can make you very sick. You may cough, run a fever, and have a hard time breathing. For most people, pneumonia can be treated at home. It often clears up in 2 to 3 weeks. But older adults, babies, and pe...
by A health blog on May 30, 2012

Penyebab Batuk

Bila batuk tidak sembuh-sembuh dalam waktu yang lama, mungkin penyebab tersebut merupakan penyakit yang perlu diwaspadai. Seperti bersin, batuk juga bisa menyebarkan penyakit. Berikut i beberapa penyakit yang sering diakibatkan oleh batuk: TBC (T...
by Fazryx Blog on May 28, 2012

Robin Gibb near death coma Wife keeps vigil Bedside

She's been saying prayers at his bedside since he was admitted to hospital with pneumonia on Friday. And today Robin Gibb's wife Dwina showed the strain of the past few days as she took a break from her vigil. The pained expression on her face ...
by on Apr 16, 2012

R&B Brickhouse Bobby Womack Has Colon Cancer

Legendary R&B singer Bobby Womack has been diagnosed with colon cancer, according to his good friend, bassist Bootsy Collins. Womack was reportedly hospitalized with pneumonia over the weekend when he was diagnosed with the condition. Bootsy orig...
by Chicago Fabulous Blog on Mar 28, 2012

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