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Inexorable rise of human population pressures in Africa

I’ve been a bit mad preparing for an upcoming conference, so I haven’t had a lot of time lately to blog about interesting developments in the conservation world. However, it struck me today that my preparations provide ideal material for...
by Conservation Bytes on Aug 31, 2016

Zimbabwe: Drones to be deployed in Fighting Wildlife Poachers

​Zimbabwe plans to deploy aerial drones in its biggest wildlife sanctuary in the west to combat poaching of elephants, a parks official stated, as the country aims to protect one[...] The post... This is a content summary only. Visit www.cp-afric...

Damocles Sword: Challenging the Conservation Ethos

License to Kill It hardly seems true that badly ravaged and plundered ecosystems in India support abundance of wildlife, anymore.  Well according to the government this is true somewhere in some States. Hence the permission for legal cullin...
by Tiger Tours on Aug 25, 2016

Tiger Conservation: It is a matter of space & protection

Although the tiger population has risen marginally in recent times, the animal is still in danger. Danger of extinction that is. The animal survives in National Parks and Tiger Reserves, these are protected areas. The survival can at best be describe...
by Tiger Tours on Aug 7, 2016

Salman Khan Acquitted in Blackbuck Chinkara Poaching Cases by HC

Actor Salman Khan acquitted in Blackbuck and Chinkara poaching cases. Rajasthan High Court acquitted ‘Sultan’ star Salman Khan in both cases. For Salman, His Sister Alvira Khan and his lawyer were present in Jodhpur for the hearing. So Now there.

Debacle at Pench - Poaching of Tigers

The poaching of Bagin Nala Tigress and her cubs reminds me of my first visit to the park at River Pench.  In that bright sunny day I could feel that I was in a tiger heaven just as Kipling had penned in his famous Jungle Book. I could imagine Mo...
by Tiger Tours on Mar 31, 2016

South Africa: UDS drones battle Rhino poaching

In hills where Zulu royalty once hunted wildlife, South African conservationists now scan live video from a thermal-imaging camera attached to a drone, looking for heat signatures of poachers... This is a content summary only. Visit

Outright bans of trophy hunting could do more harm than good

In July 2015 an American dentist shot and killed a male lion called ‘Cecil’ with a hunting bow and arrow, an act that sparked a storm of social media outrage. Cecil was a favourite of tourists visiting Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, and so the...
by Conservation Bytes on Jan 5, 2016

Egg Poaching - the easiest cooking ever

Kitchens are the best place where one can try unkown recipes and adding a bit of imagination. But when it comes to eggs, we generally use set pattern solutions: frying an egg or going for an omelet - though recipes can vary.But a few try poaching an...
by Hobby Shobbys on Nov 14, 2015


It is with a heavy heart that I write this. Today, I began watching a film that follows the life of one of my heroes, Nelson Mandela.  The film, “Mandela … The Long Walk to Freedom,” lit up the fire that’s been … Cont...
by Second Wind Publishing on Oct 2, 2015

AFRICA - The Black Mambas

"All-women team goes on the hunt for poachers in South Africa" PBS NewsHour 8/11/2015ExcerptSUMMARY:  Named for the most feared snake in Africa, the Black Mambas are a specially trained all-female anti-poaching team.  Day and night, they sw...
by Mage Soapbox on Aug 17, 2015

National commitment to conservation brings biodiversity benefits

What makes some conservation endeavours successful where so many fail to protect biodiversity? Or, how long is a piece of string? Yes, it’s a difficult question because it’s not just about the biology – such as resilience and area r...
by Conservation Bytes on Jun 16, 2015

Jamaican Drones – Combatting Illegal fishing

Much like drones fighting poaching in Tanzania, Jamaican Drones are flying to fight illegal fishing activities You say Jamaica and I think Bob Marley, warm breezes, and an amazing tourist destination. You say Jamaican Drones and I think innovation. Y...
by The Best Drone Info on May 16, 2015

Drones are helping stop poachers in Tanzania – Part 1

BatHawk Recon taking to the skies to stop poachers in Tanzania We came across a press release last week discussing an upcoming trial being conducted by Bathawk to use drones to stop poachers and protect the local animal population. “This Press...
by The Best Drone Info on May 7, 2015

UAV Anti-Poaching Project taking place in Tanzania

UAV Anti-Poaching efforts will make it more difficult for poachers UAV Anti-Poaching efforts will make it more difficult for poachersClick To Tweet Bathawk Recon, a Tanzanian UAV Anti-Poaching surveillance company, is organizing UAV (drone) trials in...
by The Best Drone Info on Apr 28, 2015

Save the Rhino... By Shopping?

Before I say anything, will you just take a minute and look at these beautiful creatures* roaming this Earth since time immemorial: What a privilege for me and my family to have been allowed such close-up...
by Joburg Expat on Apr 27, 2015

World’s Last Northern White Rhino Guarded 24/7

Sudan, the world's last male Northern White Rhino, has been placed under a round-the-clock guard at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya. The post World’s Last Northern White Rhino Guarded 24/7 appeared first on WebEcoist.
by WebEcoist on Apr 14, 2015

Crowdfunded Drones: The KickStarter Splash Drone and More

Crowdfunded Drones will have success in 2015.  You only have to look at the KickStarter Splash Drone to understand that this is true.  I often check out KickStarter and IndieGogo to see what ideas are floating around in this space.  We have spoke...
by The Best Drone Info on Apr 2, 2015

Rhino Poaching being prevented in Africa with drones

As we noted this morning with regards to tigers in India, we are seeing drones used to protect rhinos in africa, tracking rhinos and preventing rhino poaching.   This post from HuffPost shares some great information. “Unmanned aerial vehicle (...
by The Best Drone Info on Mar 23, 2015

Drones are helping with wildlife conservation

The Times of India ran an article this weekend interviewing Dinesh Kumar Tyagi, the chief conservator of forest (CCF) & field director of Melghat Tiger Reserve (MTR).  The focus of the article was wildlife conservation. This caught our eye as...
by The Best Drone Info on Mar 23, 2015

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