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Audio: Joe Budden – I’ll Name This Podcast Later (Episode 73)

In this episode: This episode we are joined by Charlamagne Tha God & Andrew Schulz of the Brilliant Idiots podcast to settle anything disagreements between Charlamagne & Joe; as well as the recent Joe vs Drake beef. There is a lot in this e...
by New Hip Hop Music on Jul 20, 2016

Audio: TaxStone – Tax Season: The Black Jesus Episode

In this episode: Actor and comedian Slink Johnson who plays Black Jesus stops by to share his story on how he started acting, what character he should play in a Tyler Perry movie and even spits a few bars. Also in the studio we have the beautiful edu...
by New Hip Hop Music on Jul 20, 2016

Therefore I Geek Podcast, Episode 73 Pokémon GO, Frank Cho, and Ghostbusters

The gang discusses some geek topics of note this week, beginning with the Pokémon GO phenomenon, which threatens to take over the world.  After that, there is a conversation about Frank Cho’s sudden departure from DC Comics.  Finally, none o...
by Therefore I Geek on Jul 19, 2016

When Looking in the Mirror Isn’t Pretty

We’ve all had days we’d rather not see our reflection in life's big metaphorical mirror. Catching a glimpse of our true selves can sometimes leave us unimpressed. I had one of those moments one day at a 'driver survivor' rest stop in Australia. I...
by Sheridan Voysey on Jul 19, 2016

54 – What will the LNG sector look like in 10 years?

Major trends are in motion that will render the global LNG industry very different in 10 years time from what it looked like 10 years ago. To quote Sun Tzu, from time to time it’s helpful to take a close up view of things distant... The post 54...
by Fuel Up! on Jul 19, 2016

Ocultismo, Magia Moderna e Magia Prática

Entrevista para o Occulta 01 sobre Hermetismo, História da arte, Magia Moderna, Magia Prática, Kabbalah e os perigos da prática mágica sem um acompanhamento adequado. Occulta – Entrevista com Marcelo Del Debbio © deldebbio for Teoria da Co...
by Teoria da Conspiracao on Jul 18, 2016

I Love Mondays 064: Ehrenfried Conta Gromberg – Warum Solopreneure eigene Werkzeuge benötigen

In Folge 064 des ILM-Podcasts sprechen Tim und Alex mit Ehrenfried Conta-Gromberg über Strategien zur Modellierung deines Businesses. Finde oder überarbeite dein Konzept, vereinfache die Prozesse, senke deine Arbeitslast und steigere deine Unabhän...
by earthcity Nomadenmag on Jul 17, 2016

Conversation Street Podcast 206

Gemma and Michael's podcast for the episodes in Canada that aired (up to last night's Canadian Corrie) can be heard here. This week in Coronation Street, we said goodbye to Jason Grimshaw but Phelan's path to Street Domination isn't going to be as s...
by Bluenose Corrie Blogger on Jul 16, 2016

Audio: N.O.R.E. & DJ EFN Present: Drink Champs Episode 21 w/ 50 Cent (pt.1)

In this episode: N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN are the Drink Champs. In this episode the guys drink it up with 50 Cent. In part one of this lengthy and entertaining conversation, the guys talk about Drink Champs success, N.O.R.E. and 50’s past, EFN’...
by New Hip Hop Music on Jul 16, 2016

The Fantasticast #188 – Marvel Team-Up #26 – The Fire This Time

Stephen Lacey and Andrew Leyland are your guide to Marvel’s First Family, The Fantastic Four. Starting at the very beginning of the Marvel Age of Comics, they cover every issue of The Fantastic Four, every spinoff title (Strange Tales, Marvel Two-I...
by Flickering Myth Movie Blog on Jul 16, 2016

ANWW Podcast: Round up of Episodes

A Lot has happened over the last few months with the All New Wednesday Warriors so here’s a round up of episodes. Just Click the images for the links to the episodes. There’s something below for all comics tastes. EPISODE 07 – COMIC...
by Mah Muse Comics on Jul 15, 2016

Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 72, Game of Thrones Ep. 10

Tracy and Dude break down the final episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones season 6 in all of its glory. Dude postulates that there were no surprises in season 6, but Tracy disagrees. They cover the neat packaging of myriad … Continue reading &...
by Therefore I Geek on Jul 13, 2016

Episode #10 DIY tips

Episode 10 gives us 10+ DIY tips you didn’t know you needed to know.  The tips I share can be found in the blog posts below. Pineapple Headboard Bench (how to double the width of your bar clamps) Shutters Repurposed into a Bookcase (how to use Irw...
by My Repurposed Life on Jul 13, 2016

How Justice League’s villain should have been done, The Ghostbusters Review! | Flickering Myth Podcast #31.5 – Mailbag Special!

Subscribe on iTunes. Support Flickering Myth, buy a t-shirt. Email in your questions: Join Oli and Luke in this week’s Flickering Myth Podcast for…a whole mailbag special! Luke’s on holiday, and this episode...
by Flickering Myth Movie Blog on Jul 13, 2016

Spiritpreneur School 32! How to Launch Your Own Heart-Centered Business (Audio)

Welcome to Spiritpreneur School! Spiritual business class is in session for lightworkers, sacred bombshells, genius creatives, coaches, and healers. Spiritpreneur School is an empowerment podcast for conscious, heart-centered entrepreneurs created by...

Audio: Joe Budden – I’ll Name This Podcast Later (Episode 72)

In this episode: After a small hiatus the trio is back with a wide range of current issues and topics covered. Listen to the full episode on page 2.
by New Hip Hop Music on Jul 13, 2016

Audio: TaxStone – Tax Season: The Black Lives Matter Episode

In this episode: We are living in some troubling times and I had to speak on what’s been going on across the country. We originally had another episode planned for today but I had to get this off my chest. In the studio we welcome @ItsTracyG, @...
by New Hip Hop Music on Jul 13, 2016

In a World of Ideas, How Can We Find the Authentic God?

As any psychologist can tell you, our understanding of God is vitally important. Many are held captive by an imaginary deity shaped by fear, pain, past, or our own desires. These humanly-inspired gods always fail us, or forever holding us in torment.
by Sheridan Voysey on Jul 12, 2016

Our Top Tips For New Parents

So, this happened. This is the first of a limited run podcast (depending on how things go)! Let us know what you think. The post Our Top Tips For New Parents appeared first on New Crunchy Mom.
by New Crunchy Mom on Jul 12, 2016

53 – Will Japan Become World’s Biggest #LNG Trader?

For the past decade, particularly after the Fukushima disaster, Japan has purchased LNG in enormous volumes to meet its energy needs. But a variety of factors are converging to push Japan into the world of LNG trading. What’s behind this pivot...
by Fuel Up! on Jul 12, 2016

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