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Daily Prompt: Fortune

    via Daily Prompt: Fortune Fortune Poem | Poetry Inspired There’s a complicated formula, to this thing called fortune Not everyone, ends up getting equal portions It could be bad or good, with a twist of fate It’s happen...
by Poetry Inspired on Dec 20, 2016

Wonderful Christmas day 2016 Poems || X-mas sweet poems

Wonderful Christmas day 2016 Poems: The magic of Christmas poems filled our hearts with happiness the spirit of Christmas poems bless us the great strength , may the promise of Christmas poems bring you and yours endless blessings This new year bring...
by wish you happy day on Dec 20, 2016

Photo Challenge: Anticipation

Hurry Spring.
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Dec 19, 2016

Daily Prompt: Relax

via Daily Prompt: Relax Relax Poem | Poetry Inspired At that moment, when your beaten by the pressure of life The compounding stress, of trying to be liked If you’re pushing to accomplish, your childhood dreams Or  when the puzzles of li...
by Poetry Inspired on Dec 19, 2016

The Season For Love Poem | Poetry Inspired

It amazes me, the cycles of love Even in our darkest season, we need the gentlest touch There’s no fun in being alone, on a cold winter night Like a wondering bird, that was struck from its flight It’s the warmth of love, that brings holi...
by Poetry Inspired on Dec 17, 2016

Daily Prompt: Fishing

via Daily Prompt: Fishing Fishing For Love Poem | Poetry Inspired Searching for love, as if it were sport Forcing emotions, that end in divorce Likely the perfect catch, will end up on the hook When the timing is right, I wont have to look In ma...
by Poetry Inspired on Dec 17, 2016

Daily Prompt: Folly

via Daily Prompt: Folly What A Folly Poem | Poetry Inspired I could care less, what people call me I don’t associate with people, who seem to folly Where irresponsibility and imprudence get the best of them Because my intellect, can be to...
by Poetry Inspired on Dec 15, 2016

Kid Stuff

Kid Stuff by Frank Horne December, 1942 The wise guystell methat Christmasis Kid Stuff . . .Maybe they've gotsomething there——Two thousand years agothree wise guyschased a staracross a continentto bringfrankincense and myrrhto a Kidbor...
by Opinionated Vicar on Dec 14, 2016

Daily Prompt: Conundrum

via Daily Prompt: Conundrum Living A Conundrum Poem | Poetry Inspired Life Is  a Conundrum at best Full of obstacles, riddles and complicated test When faced with a quandary, on a travelers path The complexities of our problems, like equations...
by Poetry Inspired on Dec 14, 2016

Daily Prompt: Bespoke

via Daily Prompt: Bespoke Bespoke Poem | Poetry Inspired You bespoke my patience, before we met And it’s a decision, I could never come to regret When our conversation, would expose your troubled past I said I would never judge you, based...
by Poetry Inspired on Dec 13, 2016

Photo Challenge: New Horizon

by AnnaBlakeBlog on Dec 12, 2016

Merry Christmas 2016 Poems Rhymes Songs Image Wishes

Merry Christmas Poems 2016 Rhymes Songs:Hi everyone, wish you all a Happy Xmas. Whole world is going to celebrate Merry Christmas Day on December 25th, 2016 as it is the birthday of Lord Jesus Christ. They celebrate this precious day with their famil...

Random Thoughts On Love Poem | Poetry Inspired Blog

Random Thoughts On Love Poem | Poetry Inspired There isn’t a word, that feels better, on the tip of your tongue Even after, the struggles, your relationship overcome I love you can be a trophy, that feels better than an oscar When you can...
by Poetry Inspired on Dec 8, 2016

Photo Challenge: Relax

Some still search for the undeniable place where shoulders soften bellies peacefully sag and each breath out hums the sweetness of belonging Hurry home it’s not too late …. Anna Blake at Infinity Farm Horse Advocate, Author, Speaker, Equ...
by AnnaBlakeBlog on Dec 5, 2016

When Life Becomes Social Media Poem | Poetry Inspired

  Wakeup skip breakfast, for Instagram No time, for out door fun, and shopping with the fam Just hash tags, re-tweets, and facebook post To everyone else, you’ve become a ghost Some would compromise beliefs, for instant fame When making fr...
by Poetry Inspired on Dec 4, 2016

Inspirational Poetry | Short Poems

Hello Friends! Today we are coming with some best assorted short poems. These poems are truly inspirational poetry with few short love poems for her. Along with inspirational poems, we have collection of poems about life. So hope you all will enjoy...
by Love status for Whatsapp on Dec 3, 2016

Daily Prompt: Construct

A poet's definition of Construct!💣💥...
by Poetry Inspired on Dec 2, 2016

Buckets of Wishes

Scattered haphazardly about Filling the great expanse Lies infinite buckets of wishes Created carefully in advance Each one brims to overflowing Radiating iridescent dreams And pools of liquid star dust Gush out between the seams These shimmering str...
by Putting My Feet in the Dirt on Dec 1, 2016

Harivansh Rai Bachchan Hindi Shayari, Short Poem

Harivansh Rai Bachchan Hindi Shayari, Short Poem. Beautiful Hindi Shayari by Harivansh Rai Bachchan with Images for Whatsapp. Famous Hindi Shayari...Duniya Ke Andar Duniya Hai,Duniya Andar Duniya...Aur Fir Duniya Ke Andar DuniyaFir Duniya Mein Duniya...
by Shayari Mehfil on Dec 1, 2016

This Christmas Poem| Poetry Inspired

  This Christmas: Well it’s clearly the undisputed winner, of best time of the year Singing those angelic christmas tunes, that we all like to hear Spending more money than we’ll actually make in a month This time each year, only com...
by Poetry Inspired on Nov 30, 2016

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