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What about Mrs. Romney?

Surprisingly, there has been little concern shown about Ann Romney’s multiple sclerosis (MS) and the effect that could have on Mitt Romney during a term in the White House. Is it unreasonable to ask how well he will function, if her health takes a...
by A Penny and Change on Oct 11, 2012

Ron Paul Supporters: Democrats and Non-Republicans

As I commented on last week, Ron Paul's Republican support is thin. In fact it is so thin that if the GOP nominating contests were really kept to just Republicans, he would barely register as an afterthought.
by Moore Common Sense on Dec 27, 2011

Youth Unemployment – The Real Issue

In amongst all the fantastical numbers that economists bandy around at the moment, there are some frightening figures that get lost in amongst the other seemingly more pressing numbers.  Amongst these, youth unemployment is the most worrying and is...
by Steenbergs on Nov 13, 2011

European Bailouts And The Structure Of The Financial System

There has been a lot of news recently about European bailouts, sit-ins and protests around St Paul’s (there is also an anti-capitalist camp by Grey’s Monument in Newcastle and probably elsewhere, but as usual London-Centric news of the UK...
by Steenbergs on Nov 10, 2011

Buffoon of the Week: Solyndra Executives and the Obama Administration

In 2009 the Department of Energy loaned $535 million in taxpayer money to Solyndra LLC, a solar panel manufacturer and former flagship for green energy.
by Moore Common Sense on Sep 30, 2011

The Obama Economy Continues to Tank as New Fears of a Double Dip Recession Arise

More evidence that the Barack Obama recession is about to get worse before it gets better.
by Moore Common Sense on Sep 19, 2011

The American Jobs Act: Politics as Usual

If I didn’t care about my country I would encourage Republicans to pass this bill.
by Moore Common Sense on Sep 15, 2011

Is There Any Need For Sustainability?

I have recently read Tim Jackson’s “Prosperity Without Growth – Economics for a Finite Planet“.  It proposes that we refocus how we manage our economies to take into account the limits on the earth, but is rather vague exactl...
by Steenbergs on Aug 25, 2011

Rising in the charts

I have had a few days off due to some family commitments so things have been quiet in the world of Malpoetry, but there is cause for small celebration today. Our ranking among Wikio political blogs has risen from a position in the 400′s to numb...
by Malpoet's Weblog on Aug 5, 2011

Buffoon of the Week: Congressional Liberals

As I pointed out yesterday, the rhetoric from the left has gone from ignorant to shameful overnight.
by Moore Common Sense on Aug 5, 2011

Joe Biden’s Journey to the Gutter

When I hear the celebration of ignorance espoused by the left and it reminds me how hateful and disgusting liberals are.
by Moore Common Sense on Aug 4, 2011

This would be a hilarious joke if it were a joke at all

Today I posted on my Twitter page a link to a live-streaming video of Herman Cain giving nothing short of a kick-butt speech at the Western Conservative Summit.
by Moore Common Sense on Aug 1, 2011

Can’t We Just Regulate All American Industries Out of Existence?

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson is at it again. We have these clowns in Washington trying to balance the budget while the EPA is trying to eliminate jobs.
by Moore Common Sense on Jul 31, 2011

Gang Up Against the Gang of Six

All this talk about debt, credit rating, spending and cuts should be giving everyone who cares a headache.
by Moore Common Sense on Jul 30, 2011

Bob McDonnell Supports the John Boehner Plan

Good for him, glad our governor is showing some leadership on this issue and standing up on the right side.
by Moore Common Sense on Jul 29, 2011

Buffoon of the Week: Nancy Pelosi

Democrats can be summed up in one word: D-E-L-U-S-I-O-N-A-L. The queen of the deluded? Minority Leader and fired House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, of course.
by Moore Common Sense on Jul 29, 2011

It’s not a default Mr. President…it’s your fault!

All of a sudden this President who has been on a spending spree unmatched in this nation’s history has become a born again budget balancer prepared to take on his own party and make unpopular but necessary budget cuts to entitlements.
by Moore Common Sense on Jul 28, 2011

Profiles in Hypocrisy: Obama, Fatherhood, and DOMA

President Obama is an excellent role model when it comes to being a father and family man. So it seems so strange then, that Obama would hold the position he does on the Defense Of Marriage Act.
by Moore Common Sense on Jul 27, 2011

Breathe The Air, Relax And Just Be

What have I learnt through my attempts to understand the matrix that we call life, if anything?  What have I learnt by seeking to comprehend ideas that are beyond the wit of man and certain beyond my ken like the origin of species, creation, time, m...
by Steenbergs on Dec 31, 2010

We Are All In the Matrix

The matrix shimmers.  The world shifts an iota and your eyes refocus.  You see the world for how it is: gone is the incessant background hum of electronic equipment, the drone of internal combustion engines as they parp around the globe and the c...
by Steenbergs on Dec 26, 2010

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