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Beneficial Effects Of Kava

Kava is a plant that grows on the Polynesian islands. for centuries the natives have been consuming kava to help them relax and better communicate with each other in a calm environment. It is often consumed before an important village conference with...
by Buy HGH on Dec 8, 2012

Polynesian Tattoo Designs

Polynesia is a beautiful group of islands, which includes islands of Samoa, The Cook Islands, Easter Island, Tonga, French Polynesia, Tahiti, Hawaii, etc. They are a favorite tourist destination across the United States and also all over the world. A...
by TATTOO DESIGNS on Apr 21, 2011

Men Polynesian Sleeve Tattoo Designs

When you want something exotic in style, whether your purpose is significant, or you’re just trying to experiment, you can consider having men Polynesian sleeve tattoo embedded on your body permanently.  This is a great tattoo idea for men which c...
by Sleeve Tattoo Gallery on Jan 3, 2011


Hawaii islands belongs to the Polynesian islands, all of which have a very rich and old tradition of tattoos. Most of the modern day tattoos are based on the traditional tribal tattoos from the Polynesian islands. The word for tattoo in the Hawaiian...
by Best Tattoo Design on Dec 29, 2010


Tattoo is a type of decoration, that generally adorn the human body. On the other hand, when they are made on animals, they are used for identification or branding. To make a tattoo dark, inedible ink is inserted into the dermis layer of the skin, so...
by Best Tattoo Design on Dec 23, 2010

Polynesian Tattoos

Polynesian tattoos go back to ancient times. They and most other ethnic tattoos were used to symbolize your place in society. Since there was no written language, a person could look at your and tell your story. The tattoo represented a rite of passa...
by style tattoo gallery on Dec 4, 2010

Tuvalu Island – one of the smallest countries in the world

// Tuvalu Island beauty One of the smallest countries in the world is Tuvalu (previously known as the Ellice Islands) a group of Polynesian islands located in the Pacific Ocean a halfway between Hawaii and Australia, near Samoa and Fiji. Tuvalu...
by Exciting Travels on May 10, 2010

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