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V. V. Brown – Shark In The Water

One of last year’s finest discoveries had to be the rather brilliantly talented (and gorgeous) V V Brown, a 26-year-old songstress who on her debut LP combined the best elements of rock’n'roll, R’n'B, soul – and good old-fashi...
by Sugar the Pill on Sep 10, 2010

Recently I have mostly been listening to…

Hello there folks and folkettes, I’ve been away for a bit for reasons that are far too complicated and self-indulgent to go into but rest assured normal service will resume pretty sharpish. Anyways, lately I’ve been discovering the joys o...
by Sugar the Pill on Jul 25, 2010


What better than some cool sounds come summertime. Check out these great beat combos that are appearing exclusively in Cannaiola. I'm they are available for weddings and bar mitzvahs as well.
by Life on an Italian Olive Grove on Jul 17, 2010

Album review: Scanners – Submarine

Scanners – Submarine (Dim Mak) Scanners are a four-piece outfit from London, centred around the nucleus of guitarist Matthew Mole and lead vocalist Sarah Daley. Surprisingly for a low-key British indie outfit they’ve hitherto had more suc...
by Sugar the Pill on Jun 11, 2010

Hot Topic Fauxnad & Konad Plate M2

Good morning, Dear Reader! I'm on a neon with Konad kick lately, and have yesterday's and today's Nails of the Day to show you. Yesterday, I did a skittles manicure (another kick altogether)...
by The Nailphile on Apr 25, 2010

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