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Porcupine Tree - Voyage 34 (1992)

 One of the greatest of all Porcupine Tree albums. A pure gem of spaced out rhythmic cosmic music which flows together beautifully. Apart from Steve Hillage, what was big in the sixties and seventies, less so in the 1980s, but then fully e...
by SilentCries & Mighty Echoes on Jan 4, 2016

Discografia Porcupine Tree

Porcupine Tree es una banda de rock formada en Hemel Hempstead, Inglaterra. Esta banda es el proyecto más exitoso del músico Steven Wilson. Con una mezcla de rock psicodélico, rock progresivo, música ambiental y, más recientemente, heavy metal,...
by Discografias en MEGA on Sep 18, 2014

Lorenzo Feliciati and Colin Edwin – Twinscapes (2014)

We never question the notion of two guitarists playing alongside each other but the idea of two bassists doubling up the low end still seems to be an exotic proposition. And perhaps the little-explored possibilities presented by that setup enticed tw...
by Something Else Reviews on Feb 24, 2014

Steven Wilson – The Raven That Refused to Sing [And Other Stories] (2013)

Ambitious, connective and simply unforgettable, The Raven is not just Steven Wilson’s best solo album to date, it rivals his career-making work on Porcupine Tree’s 2002 triumph In Absentia, while keeping much of the experimental verve tha...
by Something Else Reviews on Jan 18, 2013

♫♫ Great Expectations ♫♫

Yang apik dari Porcupine Tree - Great ExpectationsA summer dayIn garlands I feel secureA useless faithThat I will get you, somehowI wonder where you are nowHey there's youWith placid eyesOblivious to what's to comeThey locked you upSo I forgot you, f...
by proclaro on Dec 5, 2012

Porcupine Tree – Octane Twisted (2012)

Porcupine Tree’s album-length 2009 song cycle The Incident is given a full concert reading here, and what Octane Twisted lacks in studio dynamics, it more than makes up for with visceral power. Named after a movement of the album’s 14-seg...
by Something Else Reviews on Nov 20, 2012

New Music Monday: AC/DC, Asia, Michael Jackson, Neil Young, Porcupine Tree, Tenacious D

Give thanks for the new stuff: There are just-released albums by the likes of DouBt, Keith Emerson, King Diamond and Tenacious D to dig into, long before the turkey, dressing and such are close to ready. Give thanks for concerts. We’ve got new...
by Something Else Reviews on Nov 19, 2012

Something Else! sneak peek: Porcupine Tree, “I Drive the Hearse” (2012)

Porcupine Tree is offering a download sneak peek of its forthcoming multi-disc live project Octane Twisted. Fans will have to wait until November for the entire album, but they can hear “I Drive the Hearse” now — by entering an emai...
by Something Else Reviews on Oct 23, 2012

‘Intense music being played by very cool people’: Billy Sherwood takes us inside The Fusion Syndicate

The forthcoming Fusion Syndicate finds Yes alum Billy Sherwood exploring his lesser-known passion for free-form instrumental sounds associated with Weather Report, Mahavishnu Orchestra and Return to Forever. As with his recent Prog Collective album,...
by Something Else Reviews on Oct 10, 2012

Billy Sherwood, Chris Squire, John Wetton, others – Songs of the Century (2012)

With names like these, with pedigrees like these, you might be expecting this Supertramp tribute project to become a somewhat academic affair. Instead, these guys sound like they’re having a blast — and it’s contagious. Producer Bil...
by Something Else Reviews on Aug 11, 2012

The Friday Morning Listen: Porcupine Tree – The Incident (2009)

I don’t usually spend a lot of time dumping on music that I don’t like. This is pretty much an ironclad rule when it comes to reviews. It’s the most pointless kind of writing, rarely rising above the level of drunken frat-boy snark.
by Something Else Reviews on Apr 27, 2012

‘The name doesn’t matter’: Examining Steven Wilson’s growing focus on solo projects

Is Porcupine Tree the next Steven Wilson project to go by the wayside? Not long after announcing his departure from Blackfield, Wilson is now reportedly saying he will focus exclusively on solo efforts. In an interview with Planet Rock Radio quoted b...
by Something Else Reviews on Apr 26, 2012

Gavin Harrison & 05Ric – The Man Who Sold Himself

Gavin Harrison & 05Ric – The Man Who Sold Himself Porcupine Tree and King Crimson drummer, Gavin Harrison, is one of the most prolific percussionists in the business.  While his extensive resume of studio and live recordings over the past 30 y...
by Classic Rock Music Blog on Mar 29, 2012

Porcupine Tree – Dark Matter

Artist: Porcupine Tree Song: Dark Matter Album: Signify...
by Immolation Fan Club on Feb 6, 2012

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