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Freelance Writer Business Cards

Description A professional business cards design for freelance writers, book authors, journalists, bloggers and editors. The modern double sided design shows a photograph with an arrangement of a typewriter, a book, a notepad, glasses and other items...
by J32 Design on Apr 22, 2016

DJ Music Producer Business Cards

Description A modern and elegant one sided business cards design for musicians, such as DJ's (DeeJays), or music producers. The design features a black and white theme with a photograph showing headphones. The name is divided into two fields showing.
by J32 Design on Apr 22, 2016

A 7-Step Guide to Value Investing

If you enjoy the thrill of making some quick profit from the stock market by booking trading profits of Rs 2 or Rs 3 per stock then you will save time and effort by reading no further.But if you are interested in building wealth over the long-term -...

Finding Dividend Yield For Your Retirement Portfolio

Are you on the hunt for more income in your retirement portfolio? Most of us are, especially with interest rates still hovering near historic lows. When oil prices fell dramatically over the past eight months we saw a lot of big oil and gas companies...
by Debt Free Living Guru on Apr 20, 2016

Website Toko Kain Surabaya

About :(*) Website Toko Kain (Blogger Based)(*) Meta Optimized(*) Standard SEOClient :KARYA AGUNG KNITTING ABADISurabaya -
by Indonesia Internet Marketing on Apr 19, 2016

Website Toko Kain Bali

About :(*) Website Toko Kain (Blogger Based)(*) Meta Optimized(*) Standard SEOClient :KARYA HUTAMA ABADIDenpasar - BaliIndonesia...
by Indonesia Internet Marketing on Apr 19, 2016

One Room Challenge Spring 2016 :: Kick-Off

As some of you know, I moved last year to a house that needs a ton of work. It’s a 1940s traditional colonial style home and last fall I redesigned the foyer and staircase for the One Room Challenge (ORC). As an interior designer, I enjoyed the...
by Simplified Bee on Apr 6, 2016

A Digital Portfolio - IICT Part 1

And now,.. the end is near... and so I face my digital portfolio. I had no idea I would struggle with this as much as I did. It's the problem I face when given too many options to choose from. Sure, I could post the digital artifacts below via Prezi...
by Toronto Teacher Mom on Apr 1, 2016

Private Placement Portfolio

Good day,Welcome to our Private Placement Portfolio.I am a Staff of a Venture Capital Firm specializing in Growth Capital Investments/Loans.We seek to invest in Projects with Public and Private sectors in a broad range of areas including Real estate,...
by Scam on Mar 31, 2016

Travel Marketing: Tips from Travel + Social Good's Academy Day

Late last year, I attended the Travel+SocialGood Academy Day is designed to educate and inspire us as impact-driven professionals to push the travel industry forward as a catalyst for positive impact. Read on to find out the top tips I acquired a...
by One Carry-On Travel on Mar 30, 2016

Getting Started with Project Scoring

Scoring a project is the fastest way to differentiate the high-value projects from those of lesser importance. Unfortunately, few organizations actually score their projects, and in a recent Innotas report, organizations stated that prioritization wa...
by CAI University on Mar 30, 2016

Interior Designer Business Cards

Description Two sided modern and clean business cards template for interior designers and decorators. The design shows an elegant chair on both the front and the back of this modern design. Your contact information such as address, telephone, mobile,...
by J32 Design on Mar 27, 2016

Top-down Analysis: Finding the Right Sectors and Stocks

The stock market seems to be recovering from a year-long correction. Experts and analysts are suggesting that the next leg of a long-term bull market is about to unfold.This is a good time for new investors to start building an investment portfolio.&...

Dorset Wedding Photographer – Richard Budd

We offer a set price all inclusive price – the shoot, editing, printing, albums and a DVD of images. Give us a call on 07767 895205 or email for more information. To see samples of our work go to
by Richard Budd Photography on Mar 21, 2016

Full Bundle – Creative digital agency

The USP of Full Bundle is its homepage, which utilize the power of HTML5 canvas element and achieve on-page gamification. It is a web design [...] The post Full Bundle – Creative digital agency appeared first on Best website design.
by web design inspiration on Mar 18, 2016

4 Steps for Profitably Investing your Savings

Here are the 4 easy steps:Open a 3-in-1 account - a combination of a demat account, a savings bank account and a trading accountTransfer your life's savings into the savings bank accountVisit some popular online investment boards for cheap small-cap...

Gin Karma Tasting Event at Morrish&Banham Wine Merchants

What a great event Gin Tasting at Morrish&Banham Wines – Dorchester, Dorset. Event photography by (C) 2016  ...
by Richard Budd Photography on Mar 14, 2016

Website Toko Pigura

About :(*) Website Toko Pigura (Blogger Based)(*) Meta Optimized(*) Standard SEOClient :Harvest Framing - Dunia PiguraDenpasar And SurabayaIndonesia
by Indonesia Internet Marketing on Mar 13, 2016

G Squared Studios

Portfolio website design Designer Name : James George Designer’s Note : This design is meant to be clean, and minimal. The reason I chose a [...] The post G Squared Studios appeared first on Best website design.
by web design inspiration on Mar 11, 2016

Richard Budd – Dorset based Wedding Photographer 2016

Dorset based wedding photographer Richard Budd. I always struggle with this bit… the self promotion stuff. I am lucky enough to live and work in Dorset and the surrounding counties Hampshire and Somerset shooting Weddings. I offer a set price (...
by Richard Budd Photography on Mar 9, 2016

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