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All you need is (some) love – a guide for entrepreneurs

by Jon-Michail The early baby-boomers will probably be a little shocked to realise that the iconic Beatles’ song ‘All You Need Is Love’ first hit the airwaves about 45 years ago. It’s a great theme and the idealists among us … Continue...
by JON-MICHAIL, The Imagemaker on Feb 10, 2013

Video: Martin Seligman: The New Era of Positive Psychology

by Connecting Hypnotherapy... on Feb 9, 2013

Painting the Subconscious

“Art is a marriage of the conscious and the unconscious.” – Jean Cocteau Some secret unrest gnaws at the human condition. It causes confusion, worry, and discontent- The Unconscious. The solution- Art. Let your mind pour itself unto a canva...
by Creative-Guru on Jan 31, 2013

What Color is Your Life?

Literature on color as a personality indicator is dizzying, it yields over 97,000,000 hits on Google. What could I possibly say about color psychology that hasn’t been said before Here’s my creative two-cents. Color is one of the most basic truth...
by Creative-Guru on Jan 29, 2013

Image Group International – In the News

How to order wine at a business lunch By Sylvia Pennington | Fairfax Media – goodfood   Sylvia Pennington explores the politics and etiquette of ordering wine at a business lunch. Making sure your guests are well watered, as well …...
by JON-MICHAIL, The Imagemaker on Jan 27, 2013

Authentic Living

My biggest fear in life is failure. Ironically, it is because of this fear that I’ve actually failed. Failed at trying anything worthwhile, failed to make progress in life, and failed to live authentically. I could blame my meaningless existence o...
by Creative-Guru on Jan 22, 2013

7 Uncommon Ways to be a Positive Influence on You and Your Team

The psychology of leadership simply fascinates me, and no more so than when leaders have a positive influence on their team.   You may not class yourself as a leader, but you are a leader, whether you’re leading a team, a family or even yourself.
by People Discovery Blog on Jan 18, 2013

Know Your Top 24 Strengths

“The strength of a person is often weighed by how they deal with their weaknesses.” Nathaniel Summers, Author While interviewing for a job if someone were to ask you what your weaknesses and strengths are, would you be able to answer in f...
by Creative-Guru on Jan 10, 2013

How to Get Your Raise in the New Year

By Jon-Michail  In this challenging economic environment, it is important to negotiate tactically for a raise. Opinions may differ as to what those tactics might be, but there are seven points the real world experts agree on. Ask the right … C...
by JON-MICHAIL, The Imagemaker on Jan 9, 2013

Manage Your Mindset

By Jon-Michail Most of us are horrified to find ourselves eventually turning into our parents. We watched them as we grew up and modelled our behaviour on theirs as well as that of the people around us, relatives, friends, teachers … Continue r...
by JON-MICHAIL, The Imagemaker on Dec 5, 2012

Discovering Happiness

The search for Happiness Of the thousand goals you might have in life, finding happiness sums up that one thing most people are looking for. You might label it love or contentment, success or achievement but whatever you call it … Continue read...
by counseolrssoapbox on Nov 24, 2012

Stevie Awards Winners

Congratulations to the recent Stevie Award Winners for Women in Business. The event shines a spotlight on women executives, entrepreneurs and organisations run by women worldwide. The awards are an excellent podium to get recognised for your endeavou...
by JON-MICHAIL, The Imagemaker on Nov 22, 2012

Self Confidence is the key to more power and money in the workplace.

by Jon- Michail Recent research says that ‘Fake It Till You Make It’ for career advancement is more of a reality in organisations than people think. From our experience, well over 20 years conducting seminars and coaching programs for corporation...
by JON-MICHAIL, The Imagemaker on Nov 18, 2012

Five Simple Parenting Tips for Mothers to Nurture Confident Tween Girls

As a mother, you can make a real difference in your daughter’s life by using these easy tips to foster a positive self-image.
by Loving Your Child on Nov 9, 2012

Discovering Happiness

The search for Happiness Of the thousand goals you might have in life, finding happiness sums up what most people are looking for. You might label it love or contentment, success or achievement but whatever you call it we all … Continue reading...
by counseolrssoapbox on Oct 7, 2012

World Gratitude Day 2012

Glancing at headlines in the news yesterday, one in particular caught my eye. It seems today, September 21st, is World Gratitude Day. The seed of an idea planted in 1965 has grown and taken on a life of its own over the past five decades. It seemed...
by Adventures in Expat Land on Sep 21, 2012

New Thought (law of attraction) gurus would say that the suffering of Jesus was his own fault due to his negative thoughts

In the New Thought movement (Law of Attraction, Positive psychology), they teach people to ignore the negative.When ignoring the negative you fail to understand the shadow, your own dark side, the ego, ignorance and suffering as such.Understanding yo...
by The Castle of Otranto on Sep 10, 2012

The Importance Of Humor In A Child’s Life

You need to encourage humor in your child's life. Discover how easy it is to have fun and laughter to show your children that life is great.
by Loving Your Child on Sep 10, 2012

How To Know If You Have Borderline Personality (of if a loved one does)

Life Coach, BPD (and Loved Ones) Coach and Peer-Therapist, A.J. Mahari, talks about how you can answer the nagging questions about whether or not you or a loved one of yours may have Borderline Personality in this 66 minute audio. Mahari talks abou...

Gaming and Neuroscience: Opportunities and Challenges | SharpBrains

Found a really nice article about a conference of gamers and neuroscientists over at Sharp Brains.  I am particularly interested in this because I did some video game programming in a previous life.  What I find particularly fascinating is...
by Journey Through The Cortex on Apr 13, 2012

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