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Do You Have Weightlifting Accessories?

Weightlifting is an indispensable part of any workout routine. It is meant for the exercise of arms, chest and the shoulders. It will also promote the development of abs. A pronounced chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps are admirable. It however tak...
by Muscle Bodybuilder on Aug 31, 2015

Samantha Wright - Challenging The Basic Gender Stereotype!

Check out this young female powerlifter. Her name is Samantha Wright and she is an elite level gymnast turned weightlifter, who coached USA Gymnastics for about three years. Now she’s a trainer at Crossfit and hopes to compete in the Crossfit Games...
by Muscle Bodybuilder on Aug 8, 2012

Smart Ways to Get a Smoking Hot Body

Earlier we had discussed things that one should do for maximizing the benefits of strength training exercises. Today we will point out the stuffs you need to avoid while indulging in strength... Your source for health articles and information about...
by Fitness & Weight Training on Jan 24, 2011

Louie Simmons Westside Barbell

Louie Simmons is a powerlifter, strength training writer, and trainer.Simmons began training in Olympic lifting at age 12. He was first exposed to powerlifting in 1966, at a meet in Dayton, Ohio. Shortly after that meet, Louie went into the Army. Aft...
by Fitness & Weight Training on Dec 31, 2010

Chair Recliners for Body Builders Lifts Performance

If you are serious about body building, then you may want to investigate the benefits of regular massage therapy. Studies continue to show that regular massage therapy helps to increase muscle tone, improve range of motion, enhances your flexibility...
by The Health Care Blog on Jul 29, 2009

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