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Power Supply 12V 3A With 2N3055

Power supply circuit is capable of providing a DC voltage source 12 volts with a current maximum of 3 amperes. Power supply circuit uses a voltage regulator from ...Power Supply 12V 3A With 2N3055 is a post from: Electronics Circuit...
by Electronic Circuits on Nov 8, 2011

Power Supply 12V 3A Dengan 2N3055

Rangkaian power supply ini mampu memberikan sumber tegangan DC 12 volt dengan rus maksimal 3 ampere. Rangkaian power supply ini menggunakan regulator tegangan dari dioda zener 12V. Regulator tegangan dengan dioda zener tidak bisa memberikan sumber ar...
by Belajar Elektronika on Nov 8, 2011

Easy Power supply for cassette player

This circuit that you see, It is an one style of an easy simple power supply, for a recorder or a cassette player in the car which used voltage 12V.It is only using the current abount 100mA. When it occured over load current at will not dam...

Power Supply 12Volt 35 Ampere

Untuk membuat Power Supply 12Volt 35 Ampere seperti judul tersebut dapat dilakkan dengan menggunakan regulator tegangan LM7812 sebagai regulator 12 Volt DC dan sebagai power regolator dapat menggunakan transistor TIP2955. Rangkaian Power Supply 12Vol...
by Belajar Elektronika on Feb 21, 2011

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